Ms Maria Christoforou

Ms Maria Christoforou

Mrs Maria Christoforou holds a Master of Arts in Interactive Multimedia and a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communication. She is an Artist and a Lecturer in the Applied Multimedia program, under the Department of Design and Multimedia, at the University of Nicosia (2004-present day).

In her persona as a creative artist she is very active in organizing and creating exhibitions. She has mounted four solo exhibitions and participated in various group exhibitions and festivals, local and international.

She has also participated in many conferences, workshops and seminars in Cyprus, UK, Germany, France and Portugal.

Mrs Christoforou is the third-prize winner of the PlayStation Awards for the Interactive Movie “Elements” in London, 2002. She has also won many awards in Cyprus and France for logo design other artwork.

Additionally, she has two book publications: “From Canvas to Screen”, 2011 in which artwork co-exist with text, describing artist’s reflections & feelings and “Comments & Crisis, 2014 the book illustrates how the economic crisis influences & depicts our aesthetic in everyday life. Photos taken by the artist co-exist with text and comments.

Furthermore, she is active in writing articles in local newspapers regarding different multimedia fields which include social and cultural approaches such as e-democracy, cyber-bullying and other. She also co-ordinates several theatrical performances for children and adults as an art director, author and animator. The performances are supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Her main interests/specializations and research areas include mathematics and art, experimental animation/video, digital art, script writing, interactive movies-narratives and interactive theater.