MOFC Celebrates Successful Conclusion of M6 Competition and “Future of Forecasting” Conference

The Makridakis Open Forecasting Center at the University of Nicosia’s Institute for the Future (IFF) announces the successful conclusion of both the M6 Financial Forecasting Competition and the "Future of Forecasting and the M6 Competition" Conference.

M5 Forecasting Competition Virtual Awards Ceremony

The latest iteration of the M Competitions featured 100,000 submissions from over 100 countries, making it one of the largest forecasting competitions of all time. Tune in live via the MOFC website, to attend related talks by Google, Walmart and Kaggle executives, and for the Presentation of the Cash Prizes

M5 Forecasting Competition: Last Chance to Sign Up

The premier academic forecasting competition currently features over 38,000 registered participants competing for $100,000 in prizes. Google, Walmart, Kaggle, Uber, IIF, MOFC, INSEAD and NTUA are providing financial or academic support.

Professor Spyros Makridakis Awarded by Amazon

The highly competitive Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning Research Awards recognised UNIC’s very own Professor Spyros Makridakis for his exemplary work in the field and for his upcoming research project in collaboration with Amazon, honouring in this way one of the foundational figures of Forecasting.

UNIC, Walmart and Kaggle Launch M5 Forecasting Competition

The premier academic forecasting competition returns in service of advancing the theory and practice of Forecasting, with thousands of individuals and teams anticipated to be competing for $100,000 in prizes

UNIC to launch the Makridakis Open Forecasting Center

The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is launching the Makridakis Open Forecasting Center (MOFC), as an integral part of the University’s Institute For the Future (IFF) and in service of the Institute’s primary mission to explore how technological progress is causing rapidly accelerating societal change.

Ρεκόρ επισκεψιμότητας σημειώνει το άρθρο των Μακριδάκη, Σπηλιώτη και Ασημακοπούλου

Πέραν των 100 χιλιάδων επισκέψεων η δημοσίευση στο PLOS ONE σχετικά με την ανεπάρκεια της ακρίβειας της Πρόβλεψης (Forecasting) της Νοημοσύνης των Μηχανών (ΝΜ)

UNIC Becomes Hyperledger Associate Member

More specifically, IFF | UNIC was invited to become a Hyperledger Associate Member in recognition of its ongoing work and plans for future contribution to the Hyperledger community, joining like-minded notable blockchain-oriented organisations and big industry players like IBM, Intel and SAP.

Ανεπαρκής η Ακρίβεια Πρόβλεψης (Forecasting) της Νοημοσύνης των Μηχανών

Σύμφωνα με την τελευταία δημοσίευση στο PLOS ONE των Μακριδάκη, Σπηλιώτη και Ασημακόπουλου, η οποία έχει σημειώσει ρεκόρ επισκεψιμότητας με πέραν των 54 χιλ.

The M-Competitions and their far-reaching contributions to the Theory and Practice of Forecasting

The M4 (Makridakis 4) is the latest edition of the premier academic forecasting competition in the world, which recently came to a close, featuring a total of 248 individuals and teams from 48 countries across the globe. The revolutionary M-Competitions, which Professor Spyros Makridakis (whom the M-Competitions are also named after) launched four decades ago, have substantially contributed to improving forecasting accuracy and informing practitioners on the most appropriate forecasting method to use for their specific needs.

M4: The Premier Forecasting Competition continues to welcome submissions

Machine Learning vs. Statistical Methods A Key Focus M4, the fourth of the well-known Makridakis Competitions that have run since the 1980s and believed to be the world’s first forecasting competitions, is still open [...]

M4 Competition: The Premier Forecasting Competition Continues to Welcome Submissions from around the Globe

The M4 time series competition kicked off earlier this month and already features teams from 37 countries across the globe, with many participants hailing from the USA, India, the UK and Brazil. This latest [...]

UBER to Award Student Prize as part of the M4 Forecasting Competition

Co-organised by the University of Nicosia and the National Technical University of Athens Technology giant, UBER, becomes the latest organisation to join the growing international support for the exciting M4 Forecasting Competition, organised by [...]

Announcing the M4 (Makridakis 4) Forecasting Competition

Co-organised by the University of Nicosia and the National Technical University of Athens Professor Spyros Makridakis, a pioneer in the field and, for many, the father of forecasting, is now launching his fourth competition: [...]

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