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UNIC Career Success Centre

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Career Success Centre

The UNIC Career Success Centre (CSC) supports students and alumni in their continuous career exploration journey with vital insights and advice, employability seminars and trainings, company open days, and many more tools and services. The CSC actively supports and equips students with the tools they need to land an internship or job placement.

Employment rate by School

School of Business 92%
School of Education 91%
School of Humanities and Social Sciences 91%
School of Law 93%
School of Sciences and Engineering 94%
Medical School 99%

Global Job Openings

A wide range of global employment opportunities (of any type, e.g., internships, full-time and part-time, remote work) is available to our students and graduates through Highered.

Prepare for your career

Contact us to benefit from our expertise on career coaching and guidance, career development such that you can increase your probability of landing a job. Get prepared: advice on CV and cover letter support, practice with mock interviews, find out how to professionally dress up, how to depict a professional attitude and behaviour and many more.


Book an appointment

Send us an email to arrange a meeting – we will get in touch to book a short chat with you and discuss your careers aspirations and career path!



Funded Internships

Funded Internships

The Industry Liaison Project  aims to support students in educational development and career planning as well as in networking with the labour market in order to promote job placements.

Classic Internships

Classic Internships

Students on all programmes of study are eligible for an internship opening through the CSC at any point during their studies.

Forage Virtual Mini - Internships

Forage Virtual Mini - Internships

Get a free taste of industry experience by completing short, real world, company-backed online projects provided through Forage.

What our Students say

My name is Stella Lazarou and I am an Accounting student in the University of Nicosia. During my studies I did an internship (Summer Semester 2020) at SPL Audit Ltd which is an audit company located in Nicosia. The Liaison Office made this experience easier for me as they helped me find a job in right company that was a perfect match for me. Thanks to the Project “University Labor Market Liaison Offices” I had the opportunity to start my future career on the right path. From the first day of the internship, I started interesting tasks, the complexity of which gradually increased. I saw that the knowledge gained from the University of Nicosia came in practice. My colleagues always assisted me during the internship patiently for which I am very grateful to them. During the internship, I acquired useful skills such as preparing financial statements and other documentation required for the audit process. I would like to say special thanks to the staff of the Liaison Office. The internship has provided me with valuable experience and the knowledge and skills I gained during this period will certainly help me in the future. I strongly recommend the internship experience to anyone who is interested in valuable real world work experience in a professional job.

Stella Lazarou, Accounting (BSc), Class of 2022

The most important thing for a student is his/her future career based on what they study. I still remember my fear of going outside from the University for employment. One day, I had a call from Career Success Centre (CSC), they informed me about the internship opportunity that our university offers. Of course, I did my internship at EDEX-Educational Excellence Corporation. Then, I worked as a student assistant, part-timer and now full-timer at the University of Nicosia Computer Center as a Web Developer Officer. I gained a lot of experience the last two years as I have been constantly working, and it has all been possible because of the team of CSC. You can imagine that I have graduated with work experience based on my field of study. This is what everyone dreams to achieve. I want to thank the people behind this team for everything, they are always available for us, even until now.

Eleni Venekti, BSc Management Information Systems, Class of 2021

I have been most grateful for the guidance and career advising of the Career Success Centre (CSC) of the University of Nicosia as a student the past few years. Maria Siopacha and Melina Andreou, are always willing to help and go a step further to support the students and alumni. From my personal experience with the CSC, I was able to participate in so many seminars and webinars that have helped me improve core competencies and skills that will guide me in my personal and professional life. Such seminars are the Emotional Intelligence seminar, Interview Skills, Personal Branding, Business Days with Companies and many more.

Looking back, the experiences I have gained from the CSC seminars and with the academic excellence of the University, I have been well equipped to purse my professional goals and build a successful career.

Sofia Christodoulou , BSc Psychology, Class of 2021

Career Success Centre (CSC) is one of the most helpful and important Departments at the University. Throughout the academic year, there were countless training sessions organised by the CSC, which gave me the opportunity not only to enhance professional skills related to the main focusses of the career pathway, CV & job interview as well as LinkedIn profile, but also gain useful and insightful information on some topics which are paid less attention to, in particular, the emerging era of remote work.

Also, as an international student, and given the limitations and barriers international students may face, the centre went the extra mile to help me gain a better understanding of the island’s job market and available internships and job opportunities. Even during the summer holidays, I was able to maintain my communication with the director of CSC, Dr. Maria Siopacha, and CSC Senior officer, Ms. Melina Andreou by email and have my questions and concerns clarified via prompt responses. I am very appreciative of their continued dedication and their supportive attitude, regardless of whether you are local, international, currently studying, or a graduate!

Nesa Bayrampour , Business Administration (BBA), Class of 2023

My name is Marina Andreou and I am a Fine Art’s graduate of the University of Nicosia. Currently I am completing my second degree at UNIC; a BSc in Social Work. The UNIC Careers Success Centre has been assisting me throughout my academic journey from the very start of my studies. In particular, the UNIC CSC provided me with vital insights and guidance regarding my professional choices, and supported me in exploring career opportunities through access to information, advice and guidance through a series of workshops, seminars, and other initiatives.

Moreover, CSC provided me with the opportunity to be engaged as student assistant across several departments of the University. Through this experience, my teamwork skills as well as my communication skills, among others, have been improved. My overall experience with UNIC CSC has shaped me as a competitive candidate for the work industry of my interest. Apart from this, it is important to note that all the CSC officers have encouraged me in every step of the way, making my journey at UNIC unforgettable, and I could not be more thankful.

Marina Andreou , BSc in Social Work, Class of 2025

My name is Efpraxia Olymbiou, and I’ve graduated from the University of Nicosia with BSc in Marketing. The idea of working in a company related to my studies was something that scared me. Everybody has that. Through the Liaison Office, I had the opportunity to spend almost 2 months in the summer of 2020 in Marketway, which is known for being a great player in the Marketing industry. Despite the difficulties that have been due to the pandemic, I managed to win even some things that will help me later on in my career. The Liaison office is willing to give opportunities to help the students during their studies and even after their graduation to develop themselves.  

Efpraxia Olymbiou , BBA Marketing Communications, Class of 2021
My name is Michalis Papallis, and I am a 4th year Computer Science student at University of Nicosia. With the help and guidance of the Liaison Office of the Career Success Centre, I was able to complete a semester-long internship (Fall Semester 2020) at Catalink. Through my internship, I gained valuable work experience that has helped prepare myself for starting my career. I recommend this to every student, it is an amazing opportunity!
Michalis Papallis , BSc Computer Science, Class of 2022

My name is Vassilis Pelekanos and I am an MBA graduate of the University of Nicosia. I am grateful to the Career Success Centre staff, as they have helped me a lot in my career so far. As a young graduate, when I was interviewing for the organisation I now work for, I had previously contacted the Career Success Centre, who arranged a meeting with me to advise me and prepared me appropriately.

Also, thanks to the Career Success Centre, I did an internship to get acquainted with the work environment during my student years. I believe that the work done by the Career Success Centre gives great value to the university itself, being the supporter of every graduate in his/her future career.

Vassilis Pelekanos, MBA, Class of 2021

I am Frouh Esaie from Cameroon, currently I am completing an MSc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Nicosia where I have also completed my Bachelor.

I have opened a pending application for my PhD so that I can directly start with my research upon completion of my Master.

The Careers Success Centre has been assisting me throughout my academic journey on the island at many levels. They have assisted me in finding my very first part time job in a local company where I was working as an Assistant Technician fixing Cameras for Nikon and Panasonic.

I had the opportunity to attend several seminars (on CV writing, Job interview, Stress management, Self-Confidence, etc.) and that allowed me to gain necessary skills, become professional and have a smooth transition from the university to the job market.”

Frouh Esaie, MSc Electrical Engineering, Class of 2021

I would like to express my appreciation to all personnel of the Career Success Centre, for all their suggestions in the preparation for the job search. I have been with them since my second year of studies, and they were always ready to answer my queries. I attended all Career Success Centre webinars that helped me to understand better how to stand out from many candidates. In one of the webinars, I found out about virtual internships, Forage, which was highly recommended by the Career Success Centre, and I have used it three times afterwards. Forage has virtual tasks from several well-known companies and every student can try to solve the tasks like it is a real working day at the company. I included the Forage certification in my CV, (as Maria Siopacha suggested) and immediately it caught the attention of the potential employer that allowed me to get the first interview with my dream company. Definitely, in job hunting, a lot depends on our personality and our skills, although, all recommendations and kind support from the Career Success Centre can add valuable knowledge and direct us to the right path. 

Oxana Livitcaia , BSc Accounting, Class of 2021

By the first time I visited the Career Success Centre for support, while I was working at University’s Computer Centre as a student assistant, Ms. Melina Andreou immediately showed interest in me and on how she can help me with my career.  She supported me in building a strong CV and on developing career skills.  Going forward, the Career Success Centre team used to call me frequently to inform me about various employment opportunities and discuss with me if I am interested in these, which approach helped me a lot. I encourage other students to explore the services offered by the Career Success Centre. 

Michalis Antonoudiou , BSc Computer Science BSc, Class of 2019

The Career Success Centre (CSC) Department has been an incredible help to me. The bearings of the department cannot be mentioned without Mrs. Maria Siopacha, Director of CSC. She has made prodigious efforts to be a part of my career journey providing support even after graduation.

The department hosts seminars on resume construction, interview processes and job fairs giving me a better chance of understanding the job market and getting a job, especially for an international student like me. This enabled me network with employers and other job seekers providing the opportunity to network and improve my communication skills.

To me, UNIC CSC is arguably one of the University’s greatest benefits.

Charis Obi, BBA Economics and Finance, Class of 2021

While completing my thesis, I decided to seek an internship to gain some practical experience in my field. As I sent in my CV to various companies to no avail, I came into contact with Maria Siopacha from the Career Success Centre (CSC). I had a virtual meeting with Maria and Melina Andreou to discuss my internship plans. They assisted me immediately with various resources on writing a presentable CV & on interview skills, by contacting various energy organisations to find me a position, arranged for me an interview with Energyintel after the company was impressed by my newly formulated CV and my academic reference letter. So, the burden was not only on me. I eventually got the summer internship, and it has been an eye-opening experience. I’ve gotten to learn and see the internal workings of an energy company and its daily operations. I’ve also gotten a chance to assist in these processes, an experience I wouldn’t have gotten in the classroom. I’d like to thank Maria and the CSC for their support!

Derek Macoloo , BSc Energy, Oil and Gas Management, Class of 2021


Το UNIC χτίζει γέφυρες συνεργασίας με την αγορά εργασίας

Η εκδήλωση έγινε στο πλαίσιο δράσεων του Έργου «Γραφεία Διασύνδεσης Πανεπιστημίων με την αγορά εργασίας» και οι συμμετέχοντες ενημερώθηκαν για τις δραστηριότητες και το έργο που έχει επιτελεστεί μέχρι σήμερα από το Γραφείο Διασύνδεσης


Accounting & Finance Mini Job Fair

7 December, 2022 @ 11:00 - 15:00

The Career Success Centre and the Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance are inviting you to an Accounting and Finance mini job fair!

IT Job Fair

6 December, 2022 @ 12:00 - 15:00

The Career Success Centre and the Department of Computer Science are inviting you to an IT mini job fair!

Ένα σημαντικό πρόβλημα που αντιμετωπίζουν όλες οι χώρες της EE, είναι το χάσμα μεταξύ των δεξιοτήτων που διαθέτουν οι Ευρωπαίοι και αυτών που απαιτούνται από τη βιομηχανία

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