Scholarship Scheme for dance students with external qualifications

The University of Nicosia Dance Programme offers scholarships for new registered students for Fall 2021, who have engaged in advanced studies of dance and have successfully passed examinations by internationally recognised dance examining bodies.

Students who have successfully passed examinations from examining bodies, such as RAD, ISTD, ABD , IDTA, Vaganova (and similar) will be awarded scholarships to study dance as follows for all dance forms:

Local prospective students (Cypriots)

Advanced I/Advanced II (RAD/ISTD/IDTA/ABD) and Vaganova (Grade 6) 20% scholarship for the duration of
Intermediate/Advanced Foundation (RAD/ISTD/IDTA/ABD) and Vaganova (Grade 5) 15% scholarship for the duration of study
Grade 8 (RAD, IDTA), Grade 6 6 (ISTD) and Vaganova (Grade4) 10% scholarship for the duration of study

Greek prospective students

Students with the following qualifications would be entitled to:

  • Advanced I/Advanced II (RAD/ISTD/IDTA/ABD)
  • Vaganova Grades 4, 5 and 6
  • Intermediate/Advanced Foundation (RAD/ISTD/IDTA/ABD)
  • Grade 8 (RAD, IDTA), Grade 6 6 (ISTD)
20% scholarship for the duration of study
  1. All the students that would like to benefit from the scholarship scheme must pass the audition for their entry for BA course in Dance
  2. Students eligible for more than one type of Scholarship/Financial Aid will be awarded the scholarship constituting the highest amount.
  3. Student awarded the scholarship must remain in good academic standing throughout their studies, maintaining a CPA of (2.0/4.0) upon the completion of every academic year in order for their scholarship to be renewed.

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