“Why I Enrolled in the MSc in Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia” – IFF | UNIC in the Press

Cryptocurrency attorney, Matthew Gertler shares why Blockchain education is invaluable

“I’ve spent the last 3+ years working full time in the cryptocurrency industry. I currently serve as the General Counsel for @Reserve-Currency, a stablecoin project focused on jurisdictions dealing with financial instability, particularly hyperinflation (e.g. Venezuela). Last year I founded a law firm that specializes in helping FinTech and cryptocurrency companies comply with U.S. laws. Before that I co-founded a cryptocurrency research firm for institutional investors, Digital Asset Research.

Before any of this, I got involved in the industry when I fought against the BitLicense coming out of New York (It was worse than it is now, not that the current version is good for anyone). My involvement stemmed from an internship at Venmo where I helped the company apply for money transmitter licenses and made me realize how antiquated the finance industry truly is.


Why would someone who already has a job in the industry enroll in the MSc in Digital Currency program at the University of Nicosia? The short answer is that I believe that the cryptocurrency industry is an amalgamation of so many disciplines that I believe the education I will received will be invaluable as my career advances. With world-renowned faculty like Antonis Polemitis, Andreas Antonopoulos, and others, there is no better place to get my digital currency education. The largest blockchain student community in the world and excellent professional development opportunities among students and the broader UNIC community certainly do not hurt either.”

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Why I Enrolled in the MSc in Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia – Medium


August 28th, 2020