University of Nicosia and Sistema Cyprus sign a Protocol of Collaboration, bringing the academic world closer to social matters.

The University of Nicosia (UNIC) and Sistema Cyprus formally announce the beginning of their collaboration which seeks to advance their common goal of promoting social justice through music education. The partnership was made official through the signing of a Protocol of Collaboration that is based on a memorandum of understanding outlining the two organisations’ similar missions and their plans to cooperate in areas of mutual concern to enhance the effectiveness of their development efforts.

Through this collaboration, UNIC students will have access to internship opportunities in music education, communications, marketing, media, administration and project management in Sistema Cyprus. UNIC students will also be able to research and complete coursework assignments and practicum placements in areas such as psychology and social work. The University of Nicosia will invite Sistema students to apply to its academic programs and provide merit and/or financial need scholarships. This has already become a reality as this year the University of Nicosia awarded a scholarship to a Sistema Cyprus student who had never thought she would have been able to afford a tertiary education program.

This partnership foresees towards a dynamic collaboration leading to the design and implementation of programs that will offer professional development opportunities including educational seminars, interactive workshops and research projects that will benefit each organization’s students.

The Protocol of Collaboration was signed on Monday, October 21st 2019 by the University of Nicosia’s Rector, Professor Philippos Pouyioutas and Sistema Cyprus Executive Director Dr Nikoletta Polydorou in the presence of Sistema Cyprus co-founding member Dr Myria Kkali as well as Mr Petros Stylianou and Dr Vasilis Kallis, Associate Professor and Head of UNIC’s Department of Music and Dance.

Rector Pouyioutas reiterated his support to the Department of Music and Dance and expressed his hope and wish that in the future the Department will grow further into a Department of Performing Arts, by adding new programmes such as Theatrical Studies.

Dr Natasa Economidou, Associate Professor and Associate Head of the Department of Music and Dance at UNIC visited the Sistema Cyprus Orchestra rehearsal and introduced the prospect of studying at the University of Nicosia to the children and youth of the programme. During her talk, Dr. Economidou inspired the children and youth to make dreams and ‘think big’ and set goals in their life both academically and artistically.

Both Sistema Cyprus and the University of Nicosia are excited for this partnership and anticipate the progression and growth of the collaboration and the formation of further common actions and initiatives.

About Sistema Cyprus

Sistema Cyprus is an El Sistema inspired program which aims to provide all children and young people with free music education through orchestras and choirs. The second aim is to promote respect and recognition of vulnerable population groups from the society. Sistema Cyprus operates in the area of Faneromeni in Nicosia (in collaboration with the Nicosia Municipality), in the “Home of Hope” (in collaboration with Hope for Children CRC Policy Centre) and in the area of Faneromeni in Larnaca (in collaboration with the Larnaca Cultural Foundation for Children and Youth), providing more than 200 children and young people with free instruments and music lessons. Sistema Cyprus is an associate member of the Sistema Europe Network where more than 30 El Sistema programmes around Europe participate