The Institute For the Future (IFF) of the University of Nicosia participated in the World Police Summit in Dubai, UAE

Bridging academia and law enforcement, fostering innovation and knowledge exchange

The Institute for the Future (IFF) of the University of Nicosia has participated in the World Police Summit, which took place in Dubai, UAE, from March 5th to 7th, 2024. Representing the IFF at this global event were Dr. Charis Savvides, a distinguished Faculty Member at the Department of Digital Innovation, and Ms. Hazal Aripinar, Business Development and Enrolment Manager at IFF.

During the summit, Dr. Charis Savvides served as featured speaker at the Crime Prevention Conference, specifically in the “Anti-Money Laundering Crime” Session. His leadership keynote was titled “Securities Fraud in the Crypto Space: Blending Boundaries”.

In his speech, Dr. Savvides delved into the complex issue of fraud within the realm of cryptocurrencies. With digital currencies gaining popularity, new and unconventional scams are emerging, challenging traditional concepts of securities fraud. The presentation provided an overview of these emerging scams, shedding light on the difficulties faced by regulators and law enforcement in adapting their approaches to protect investors in the fast-paced and often unclear world of crypto investments.

The Institute For the Future was honoured to contribute its expertise to this international event, showcasing its commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering discussion on critical issues in the rapidly evolving digital age. The participation of Dr. Charis Savvides as a speaker underscores the Institute’s dedication to addressing the challenges and opportunities posed by the dynamic landscape of digital innovation.

Furthermore, in a continued effort to assist Dubai Police in undertaking more structured initiatives towards educating and training their members in blockchain, a compelling panel discussion titled “The Future of Blockchain: Challenges & Opportunities” was organised at the Dubai Police Academy on March 4th.

Distinguished panellists included Major Ahmed Al Suwaidi, Director of the Admission and Registration Department, Dubai Police; the Director of the Organised Crime Department; the Director of the Future Exploration Department; and Dr. Charis Savvides from the University of Nicosia.

During the discussion, Ms. Hazal Aripinar presented the University of Nicosia leading MSc programmes in the field, namely the MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency and the MSc in Metaverse. Students and alumni of the MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency programme were also present and shared their valuable experiences, contributing to a dynamic exchange of insights.

The Institute for the Future (IFF) & the Dubai Police General Headquarters (G.H.Q) Partnership

In a significant collaboration, the Institute For the Future (IFF) – UNIC and the Dubai Police General Headquarters (G.H.Q) in 2021 signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This historic agreement aimed to strengthen the collaboration in areas of mutual interest, specifically advancing studies and practical applications of blockchain and digital currency in law enforcement.

The partnership also offered all Esaad Cardholders the opportunity to pursue UNIC’s MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency as well as the MSc in Metaverse programmes with a special discount. Joint activities, including educational events, were developed, exemplified by Dr. Charis Savvides’ training session on “Blockchain & Digital Currency and Law Enforcement” during the Dubai World Expo 2020. This collaboration underscores the commitment to bridging academia and law enforcement, fostering innovation and knowledge exchange.

As part of its ongoing commitment to advancing knowledge in the field, the University of Nicosia currently boasts more than 10 students from the Dubai Police G.H.Q. workforce pursuing the MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency. Additionally, UNIC is proud to acknowledge that three alumni who have completed the Master’s programme are working under the dedicated Blockchain Unit at the Dubai Police G.H.Q., contributing to the growing community of professionals with expertise in this cutting-edge field.

In the framework of the partnership, a diploma programme on “Financial Investigations for Digital Assets” was also successfully launched in 2023. This initiative, announced during the 2nd edition of the World Police Summit at the Dubai World Trade Centre, signifies a joint commitment to combating financial crimes involving digital assets.