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Spring 2020 Semester

Important information for completing your studies online


Dear Students,

We would like to thank you once more for your understanding, flexibility and cooperation in embarking in online learning. The university is committed to the smooth continuation of your academic progression during Spring 2020 and future semesters. This page will have the latest academic and administrative announcements, a Frequently Asked Questions guide and university contact points.

Your health remains our highest priority so please ensure that you take good care of yourself, your family and others during this period. The University’s latest announcements regarding COVID19 health-related issues remain here: www.unic.ac.cy/coronavirus.

Studying Online Training Session

Latest Updates

  • Important Announcement | 08.05.2020

    Important Announcement | 08.05.2020 Dear students, We hope that you are all well and in good health. Following today’s announcement by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, we would like to inform you of the following: our highest priority [...]

Frequently Asked Questions

Applicable to all students except Medical students who will receive information from their course administrators depending on their year of study in the MD and MBBS programmes

Online / Distance Learning Classes2020-04-02T13:49:17+03:00

The online teaching of courses will take place on the same days and times during which the conventional courses were scheduled to take place.

The distance learning training sessions, delivered on Monday, 16 March 2020, are available at the following links:

Greek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMefTB5qXkw&feature=youtu.be
English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH7zhcISAZY&feature=youtu.be

For technical support, you can contact:
Email: [email protected], Tel.: (+357) 2284 2065, (+357) 2284 2066

Completion of the Spring 2020 Semester2020-05-06T19:48:12+03:00

The Spring 2020 Semester will be completed, as per the academic calendar 2019-2020.

The completion of the semester entails the completion of both the teaching/learning, as well as the final assessment.

The Examination period will be extended until the 13th of June 2020.

Only Online Teaching Until the End of the Semester2020-04-02T13:48:43+03:00

No face-to-face teaching will take place in Spring 2020 semester.

All classes (including lab/studio/music/dance courses) will be conducted online, until the last day of the teaching period. Faculty members, programme coordinators, Heads of Department and Deans of School, are already exploring possibilities for virtual and other remote methods for teaching lab/studio/music/dance courses and/or ensuring the achievements of the same Learning Outcomes through alternative methods.

Return to Cyprus2020-04-02T14:08:30+03:00

Students who are abroad do not need make travel plans to return to Nicosia during the Spring Semester for academic reasons as the semester will be completed online.

Make up Classes2020-04-02T14:08:51+03:00

The classes missed during the period (Wednesday 11/3/2020 – Friday 13/3/2020 and Monday 16/3/2020 – Tuesday 17/3/2020), will be made up by online classes on Monday 13/4/2020 and, if needed, in case the class on  17th March was missed, on Tuesday 14/4/200 (Easter Week) and during the period between 22nd and 24th April 2020.

Further information will be provided by the instructor of each course.


Attendance is mandatory. Throughout the provision of classes via distance learning mode, your instructors will be taking attendance online. University Regulations continue to apply as posted on the UNIC Portal (www.portal.unic.ac.cy).

Students in Other Time Zones2020-04-02T13:51:33+03:00

Students, who have already returned to their countries and are in a different time zones prohibiting them to attend their online classes synchronously, will have their absences excused; they can, however, watch the recorded videoconferences asynchronously. Furthermore, they can communicate asynchronously with their lecturers and classmates as needed.

For other topics (e.g. student presentations), lecturers will provide for flexible solutions.

Transfer of Credits to Home Institution (Exchange Students)2020-04-02T14:02:06+03:00

For Erasmus, study abroad and exchange students, the University will accept work/assessment done in students’ home institutions and take it into consideration for the final mark/grade if and as needed.   Details can be discussed on a case-by-case basis with the course instructor.

Face-to-Face Midterm Written Examinations2020-04-02T14:17:17+03:00

No Face-to-Face Midterm Written Examinations will take place at this time. Alternative assessment methods such as open book examinations and problem-solving exercises with scenarios and application problems, projects, assignments, portfolios, etc. will be used instead. In sections with small number of students, it is recommended to assign different scenarios or scenarios with different questions per student. Furthermore, virtual labs can also be used, if they are available.

The marks of any midterm exams that already took place, will count for the final grade as originally planned.

Assignment Submissions, Deadlines and Grading2020-04-02T14:10:17+03:00

Given the particularities of the current situation, flexibility and understanding will be extended as required and within reason, in terms of project/assignment submission deadlines and student assessments, within the university quality assurance framework and criteria.

Group Work2020-04-02T14:10:47+03:00

Any group work already assigned will be reconsidered by the instructor and may be replaced with individual assignments. If group work is deemed necessary, then no face-to-face interaction should take place and, instead, virtual meetings, as well as remote communication and teamwork tools (e.g. Wiki).

Laboratory Classes2020-04-02T14:11:04+03:00

Instructors will adapt either all or part of their course material so it can be delivered in distance learning mode. Measures will be taken to cover material that cannot be taught remotely via intensive courses once restrictions are lifted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth or through other methods (virtual labs, simulations, etc). Further information on this will be provided by the programme coordinators and respective instructors.

Examination Schedule and Examination Period2020-05-06T19:51:48+03:00

The examination period is from the 18th of May 2020 until the 13th of June 2020. Each course examination will have a duration of 3 or 4 hours accordingly.

The final examination schedule will be announced on the 8th of May.

Final Examinations (excluding Joint Programmes)2020-04-12T13:02:35+03:00

No face-to-face invigilated final written examinations will take place. Such exams will be replaced by alternative methods of assessment or by online examinations, all of equal weight and difficulty, as per below (1) and (2):

  • Alternative assessment methods
    1. Take-home exams
    2. Major project assignments
    3. Portfolios (where applicable e.g. design/art/etc.)
    4. Other methods specific for the discipline (e.g. music, dance, architecture, etc.)

An oral examination may complement any of the above methods. Guidelines  of alternative methods of assessment will be provided by the University and by the Schools and Departments in specific disciplines.

  • Online Examinations
    1. Oral examinations must be recorded.
    2. Electronically invigilated written examinations (including open book examinations) using e-proctoring software approved by the University.

Departments and Schools will employ the methods more suitable for their programmes and courses.

For a summary of the alternative methods of assessment click here
For more detailed information on the alternative methods of assessment click here
For the relevant guidelines of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency click here

The existing marking and grading scheme will be used.

Issuance of Award Titles (Degrees)2020-04-02T14:52:15+03:00

The award titles (diploma/degrees) of graduates will be issued as per the standard practice, usually two weeks after the last day of the examination period and their electronic copies will be available through UNIC Portal under Academic – Documents. If the circumstances allow, the original certificate will be sent via post.

The diplomas of joint programmes of study are excluded from the above procedure as the relevant procedure requires the signature and certification of all affiliated parties.

Graduation Application2020-04-02T13:39:42+03:00

Students who are fulfilling all programme requirements may apply for graduation at www.portal.unic.ac.cy (under Academic tab). This application will commence the process of verifying your academic record and your inclusion on the alumni lists.

Award Titles (degrees) are expected to be issued approximately two weeks after the end of the examination period in accordance with existing regulations and procedures.

Graduation Ceremony2020-06-17T11:17:42+03:00

The June graduation ceremonies are postponed.

The new dates of the graduation ceremonies will be reconsidered at a later stage.

Registration Letters, Certificates of Completion and Transcripts2020-04-02T13:37:48+03:00

All registration letters, certificates of completion and transcripts will be issued and sent electronically by the Department of Academic Affairs. Any requests for these documents should be submitted to [email protected], indicating your student ID and a contact number.

Public Holidays2020-04-02T13:37:10+03:00

Online classes will not take place during public holidays (e.g. 25 March, 1st April, Easter, etc).

Administrative Services2020-04-02T13:36:38+03:00

All University administrative services are operating normally, albeit remotely. The contact details of the various departments are posted at https://www.unic.ac.cy/spring2020/

Access to Moodle Platforms – Financial Issues2020-04-02T13:36:09+03:00

Students who have been granted access to the University of Nicosia platforms despite their outstanding balance should contact the Director of the Department of Academic Advising, Mr Christos Theocleous, at [email protected].

Use of Specific Software2020-04-02T13:35:34+03:00

In case a specific software is required as part of the course curriculum (e.g. SPSS) to which you don’t have access, you should contact the IT department [email protected] indicating your name, student ID and course.

Student Events and Activities, Student Clubs2020-04-02T14:57:32+03:00

All student Events and Activities organised by the Department of Student Affairs and the Student Clubs are postponed until further notice.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected], or 22842153.


Incoming, outgoing students, and students whose applications have been recently approved, are advised to contact the Erasmus Office for further information relating to their mobilities at [email protected]


Face-to-face library services have been suspended.

However, online services are available 24/7 and remote support Monday –Friday, 8:00-18:00.

You can contact the library either by phone +357 22842100 or email [email protected].

Library E-Resources2020-04-02T15:34:55+03:00

All library e-resources (eBooks, eJournals, databases, RefWorks) are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be found through the library website https://www.library.unic.ac.cy.

To gain access from home you need to either connect via OpenAthens or Proxy Server. More instructions can be found at https://www.library.unic.ac.cy/english-instructions-distance-learners.

Borrowed Books2020-04-02T15:38:30+03:00

This service has been postponed until the library reopens and face-to-face services resume.

All outstanding book loans will automatically be renewed the end of the semester and  no fines will be incurred.

European Documentation Centre (EDC)2020-04-02T15:41:57+03:00

You can find any relevant information at https://edc.library.unic.ac.cy or contact Ms. Georgia Christodoulou ([email protected])

Sports Office2020-04-02T15:44:59+03:00

All official sport championships and sport clubs’ activities are postponed until further notice. For further information, please contact us at [email protected].

Proctorio-invigilated Examinations Important Information2020-05-07T09:27:19+03:00

Relevant information for those classes that will be assessed through Proctorio-invigilated examinations available at the following link: 20200507-English Announcement


Useful Contacts

Health-Related Contacts

UNIC Health and Safety Office +357 22 841 779
UNIC Medical Centre +357 22 368 900
24-hour Dedicated Ambulance Service for Coronavirus +357 22 887 171
Cyprus Ministry of Health Coronavirus Helpline 1420

Academic Contacts

UNIC Academic Advisor [email protected] +357 22 841 524
Academic Letters
– Registration
– Pre-registration
– Completion of Studies
[email protected] +357 22 841512 / +357 22 841553
Transcripts [email protected] +357 22 841512 / +357 22 841553
Degree Enquiries [email protected] +357 22 841512 / +357 22 841553
Examinations Information on final exams  will be provided at a later stage
Student Affairs [email protected] +357 22 842 153
Career Success Centre
– Remote work
– Virtual internships
– Freelance projects
[email protected] +357 22 842 152
Library Resources [email protected] +357 22 842 100

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