Dr Demetra Sorvatzioti

Associate Head of Department
Associate Professor

Demetra Fr. Sorvatzioti is an Associate Professor in the Law Department of the University of Nicosia and has been practising law since 1990, in Greece and as of 2005 in the Cypriot jurisdiction. She is the Associate Head of the Law Department and she holds a PhD in Criminology. She heads the Cyprus Center for Law and Justice (C.C.L.J) and the Institute of Criminal Studies and Criminology at the University of Nicosia. Dr Sorvatzioti is a member of the advisory board of Fair Trials International and member of the Crime Policy board of the Ministry of Justice in Cyprus. Her expertise is criminal law; evidence; criminal procedure; criminology and human rights. Her primal research areas are comparative law; sentencing, evidence; sexual offenders; social exclusion & criminal justice.

She has participated in numerous international conferences and among others her publications include: “The poverty of Justice”; “Sexual offenders: Crime and Sentence” with A. Magganas, Burden of Proof and L’intime conviction: Is the Continental Criminal Trial Moving to the Common Law, with A. Manson; “L’ Intime Conviction’ and the Principle of Legality”; “Poor migrants and effective legal representation in Criminal Cases via Legal Aid Scheme”; “The Drug Treatment Court Model Applied”; Gambling addiction as Fresh Evidence in a case of drug cultivation. Motive of Crime and Mitigating Factor for the Sentence.