Quality Internships in Sustainable  Tourism and Cultural Heritage Management

University of Nicosia announces a call for the selection of students who will be awarded financial support for an internship at foreign cultural and tourism management institutions/enterprises in the period June 2024.


The number of financial supported students through University of Nicosia is 10.

MOBILITY FOR 10 STUDENTS, the duration of the mobility is 1 month, which is held in online lectures through the created platform of the QUEST project + one month of internship.

ITALY: 2 students in Sicily + 2 students in Tuscany

SPAIN: Malaga (Grenada) 3 students

CROATIA: Solin 3 students

Call outs are for full time undergraduate Hospitality and Tourism students.

The internship will be held in companies, enterprises, institutions, organisations that have a focus on management in tourism and cultural tourism, you can find more details on the following link: https://questerasmus.eu/the-project/.

Preparation (blended mobility) for the internship starts in March 2024. and lasts 1 month, while the internship itself is one month long in June 2024.

Before leaving for the institution/enterprise to do the internship, project coordinator will arrange the recognition of the mobility period in consultation with the course holders/ head of department/ Erasmus coordinator. The students obligations are defined by concluding a contract on the internship. If recognition is not possible, the institution is obliged to note the experience of the internship in the Supplementary study document.

Application deadline: December 8th 2023.


  1. CV (preference is given to candidatess with the sensibility to practice in the field of sustainable and cultural tourism?
  2. Academic achievement;
  3. Cover Letter with indications for sensitivity to culture, tourism and sustainability, interest in mobility and expectations from participating in the project and carrying out the internship
  4. Knowledge of English (min C1 level)
  5. Desired knowledge of another foreign language (Italian, Spanish etc)
  6. Letter of recommendation or internship mentor (not mandatory)


Applications must be submitted by December 8th, 2023 with the application documentation (item VII). Applications that are incomplete or received after the specified deadline will not be considered.


The selection process will be split in 2 rounds:

  1. Round – administrative verification of applications; 
  2. Round – personal interviews with students (conducted by the project coordinator)


The final results from the call and decision of accepted students will be published on the Univeristy News site under the category Erasmus.

By registration for the call, candidates agree to have their name published on the list of selected/ rejected candidates or on the waiting list.


Financial support for the internship is 1 month, and the students who successfully pass the application procedure will receive € 1.550 .


  1. Application form;
  2. Cover letter;
  3. Transcript of all completed subjects issued by  University of Nicosia;
  4. Proof of no financial obligations to the University of Nicosia;
  5. ID scan or passport;
  6. CV (European CV format);  


Selected candidates are obliged to comply with the prescribed procedure (of which they will be informed) before going to and upon returning from foreign higher education institution and to submit the necessary documentation to University of Nicosia.

For additional information:
Tel.  22841649
Email. [email protected] or [email protected]