Nicolas Kyriakides

Dr Nicolas Kyriakides

Adjunct Faculty

Nicolas Kyriakides teaches Civil Procedure. He brings a unique perspective to students because in tandem with his research work and lecturing at the university, he runs a busy commercial practice at leading Cyprus firm Harris Kyriakides, where he heads both the Banking & Finance and Insurance & Personal Injury Departments. He has also been consulted by government on changing legislation and regulation. So students benefit from Mr Kyriakides’ market lead on both the theory of Civil Procedure and its application in the real world.

Nicolas is particularly known for his out-of-the-box legal thinking and his track record of establishing new legal concepts and ideas. He has contributed to a number of high level innovative legal research initiatives and papers in the course of both his commercial practice and his academic life, particularly in the area of Civil Procedure and especially the establishment of the groundbreaking Procedural Law Unit research hub.

The focus of Nicolas’s work is both international and domestic: he is regularly involved in projects with the leading banking, finance and insurance brands in Cyprus, as well as foreign equivalents globally in relation to their Cypriot operations; and in addition to a doctorate from the University of Oxford with Professor Adrian Zuckerman, he is a two-time Master of Laws with qualifications from UCL and New York University. Nicolas has also been a Visiting Researcher at Harvard Law School (Spring 2020) with Professor David Rosenberg.