Dr Marios Kyriakides

Dr Marios Kyriakides’ research focuses on seismic retrofit techniques for structural systems, innovative materials (High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Engineered Cementitious Composites, Fiber Reinforced Polymers), advanced nonlinear finite element analysis, experimental methods in Civil Engineering, simplified methods for assessing structural performance, sustainability and structural performance, monitoring and smart proactive management of structural systems, heritage and infrastructure, performance-based design, and development of guidelines for safety and environmental protection during offshore oil and gas operations.

Dr Kyriakides received his five-year degree from the National Technical University of Athens with honors in the field of Civil and Environmental Engineering with specialization in Structural Engineering. Among other awards, he received the Fire-Bearing of Prometheus (emblem of the National Technical University of Athens) medal award for his overall performance. He was awarded a combined School of Engineering/Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering fellowship from Stanford University, California, USA from where he received his MSc and PhD degrees. During his PhD studies, Dr. Kyriakides was involved in a multi-institutional research project funded by NSF-NEES in the USA, with focus on the development of rational and reliable methodologies for assessing the seismic safety and performance of masonry infilled non-ductile reinforced concrete frames, as well as the development of practical and effective techniques for the seismic retrofit of these structures using conventional and innovative materials. Dr Kyriakides also received a visiting researcher fellowship award from TU Delft, the Netherlands from where he conducted part of his research.

Dr Kyriakides has been involved in the “Smart Management for Sustainable Human Environment” (SmartEN) EU FP7 Marie-Curie funded Initial Training Network (ITN) (Grant No. 238726), as a researcher and Technical Manager of the programme. He has also been involved in the Joint Industry Funded Research and Development Programme on the “Development and Implementation of Safety Regime for Offshore Oil and Gas Operations in Cyprus”, funded by the oil and gas operators and contractors operating in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Cyprus.