Dr Maria Koushiou

Dr Maria Koushiou is a Licensed Clinical and School Psychologist. After graduating from the University of Cyprus’ doctoral program in Clinical Psychology, she has worked as an associate lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire (Cyprus Campus) where her academic caseload included undergraduate courses in Health Psychology and Applying Psychology.

Dr Koushiou maintains close collaboration with the “ACThealthy” Lab of the Department of Psychology, University of Cyprus to carry out research in the field of Eating Disorders and more specifically on the psycho-physiological mechanisms underlying the development of these disorders in the context of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Her research interests include examining emotion regulation in children and adolescents with Eating and Anxiety disorders as well as with chronic health conditions such as congenital heart disease.

As a practitioner, she has worked at the Humanitarian Organization “Hope for Children” CRC Policy Center where she provided clinical services to children and families and participated in the preparation and implementation of national and European programs on the protection of children’s rights. Dr Koushiou has also worked at the Educational Psychology Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture, at the Social Welfare Services, and at the Centre for Therapy, Training and Research (KESY) of the University of Nicosia.