Dr Christos Kouroupetroglou

Christos Kouroupetroglou was awarded his PhD in 2010 and his thesis subject was “Semantically enhanced web browsing interfaces”. During his PhD research he investigated the impact of Semantic-Web based assistive interfaces in web browsing for blind people and worked as a primary researcher of SeEBrowser project. In parallel, he also taught as a scientific and laboratory associate at the ATEI of Thessaloniki and in Mediterranean college of Thessaloniki in modules related to Web Applications Development. His latest research efforts include the participation in 2 EU funded projects dealing with the use of ICT to raise awareness for water conservation issues (https://www.waternomics.eu) and the use of robotics to combat loneliness and isolation of people with dementia (https://www.mario-porject.eu). He is the author of “Enhancing the Human Experience through Assistive Technologies and E-Accessibility” and has chaired a number of conference sessions and online symposia. Currently he is also working as a distance learning lecturer for the University of Nicosia in the module of “Application of Technology in Special Education”