Gnosis Call-for-Chapters on ‘Agribusiness Innovation and Contextual Evolution’

The aim of this book is to define, refine, analyse and prescribe the evolution of agribusiness in the present and future. The book shall build a comprehensive conceptualisation of the multifactorial macro-, micro- and organisational environments of agribusiness, including strategic, managerial, marketing, technological and geo-socio-political forces. Its content shall rest totally on new, unpublished scientific research, largely empirical and partly theoretical/conceptual.

The book shall comprise two volumes/parts: the first to incorporate the strategic, managerial, marketing and organisational aspects of contemporary agribusiness. And the second to contextualise and position these business elements against forces such as technology (IT, large data management systems, AI, robotics etc.), globalisation (international CRM, global logistics, geopolitical forces etc.) and consumer trends (consumption patterns, shifts in international sales, rise of BRICS and developing economies’ etc.)

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