1st Prize Fabrication Category FABFEST London 2017 (https://fabfest.london/)

The International Fabrication Festival is a week-long celebration of design and making, featuring over 50 pavilions built by architecture teams from industry and academia across the UK and around the world. Teams had three months to develop, test and fabricate their designs, before assembling and installing their pavilion in Ambika P3, Westminster’s Central London exhibition venue.

The University of Nicosia was represented by a team of 6 fourth-year students, one volunteer and their mentors from [ARC] Department of Architecture. The team received the prestigious First Prize in the Fabrication Category with the winning proposal titled ‘GET HIGH WITHOUT DRUGS’. The concept of the Pavillion revolved around the question of How can design help escape everydayness while raising awareness on a pressing social issue?

The vaulted pavilion was geometrically based on a Zome; a structure emerg