Dr Nicos Georgiou

Dr Nicos Georgiou is a lecturer of Educational and Developmental Psychology at the University of Nicosia. He holds a Bachelor’s in Mental Health Nursing from Technological University of Cyprus, a Bachelor’s in Psychology from University of Nicosia, a Masters in Educational – Developmental psychology from University of Cyprus and a PhD. in Educational – Developmental psychology from University of Cyprus. Dr Georgiou worked as a Mental Health Nurse in the psychiatric unit of prison department, in psychiatric unit of Nicosia’s General Hospital and in Athalassa’s psychiatric hospital. Moreover, he worked as a research assistant in research programs of University of Cyprus. His research interests include the effects of familial factors (i.e. parental practices), intrapersonal factors (i.e. temperament, self-esteem) and school factors (i.e. educational context, peer relations) in the development of emotional/behavioral problems and problems of bullying and victimization in children.