From Cyprus to the UK

I am a Foundation Year 3 Doctor at Ealing Hospital in London under the London North West Healthcare NHS Trust.

One of the main reasons I chose the St George’s, University of London graduate-entry MBBS Programme offered by the University of Nicosia in 2012 was the Problem Based Learning curriculum.

I can honestly say that I could not have been more prepared in starting my career as a doctor in the United Kingdom. Clinical exposure as early as in the first weeks of my first year of Medical School set a strong foundation for my journey to become a Doctor. At the St George’s programme in Cyprus, I had the privilege to directly work, be taught and guided on daily basis by consultants of different specialties across all clinical training sites.

During the last two years of medical school, I gained experience on how to perform tasks similar to the ones given as a Foundation Doctor in the UK. This was definitely an excellent introduction and preparation for the Foundation programme. Self-directed learning provided me with the opportunity to strengthen the areas in which I felt weaker, but also allowed sufficient time to maximize my clinical and academic skills.

I could not be more proud and thankful for the opportunity I was given to go through four amazing years at the University of Nicosia Medical School.

Dr Sotiris Demosthenous

Foundation Year 3 Doctor, Ealing Hospital, London, UK
Class of 2016


Last updated: 14 July 2019