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Fall 2021

Start your studies at the University of Nicosia campus this Fall

Start date: 27 September 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery of Courses with Physical Presence2021-09-15T14:45:23+03:00

The Fall 2021 Semester will commence on 27 September 2021 with face-to-face, on-campus courses and with the display of a SafePass, in accordance with all health and safety protocols of the state.

More specifically, all laboratory courses and the vast majority of the remaining courses will be offered on campus with physical presence. In case of non-laboratory courses, where the capacity of the classroom/learning space of a section/course is less than the number of students register for the section/course, then a blended/hybrid learning model will apply, with registered students divided into two groups that will alternate between face-to-face and online lectures each week. This will ensure the same learning experience for all students, since they will all attend an equal number of lectures/learning activities either physically or online.

The use of Livestreaming technology will provide for the synchronous online broadcast of the learning process in the classroom/learning space. Students will have access to asynchronous self-study digital material available on the University’s e-learning platform. In exceptional cases, a course may be offered fully online, following relevant communication with the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education and approval by the Rectorate.

Vulnerable groups – Unable to Attend Classes Face-to-Face2021-09-23T13:22:47+03:00

Livestreaming and/or asynchronous self-study digital material will be available for students who belong to vulnerable groups or cannot return to Cyprus, as well as for students who, for any serious reason, cannot attend classes with physical presence (face-to-face).

Students in the above-mentioned categories will have to submit a request for approval to the office of the Director of Academic Advising ([email protected]) along with all necessary documentation.

The application form is available here

Midterms (where applicable) will be conducted face-to-face.

Admission to Programmes of Study2021-09-15T14:50:37+03:00

The University is currently accepting applications for admission to all programmes of study as listed at the following link:–programmes/

Tuition Fees and Scholarships for Fall 2021 Semester2021-09-15T14:52:49+03:00

Tuition fees and available scholarships for the Fall 2021 Semester can be found at the following links:




Attendance is mandatory for both face-to-face and hybrid courses/sections. The same applies for the very few online courses which may be exceptionally offered. University Regulations continue to apply as posted on the UNIC Portal (

Registration Letters, Certificates of Completion and Transcripts2021-09-15T14:57:57+03:00

All University administrative services will operate normally both face-to-face and online. To avoid overcrowding on campus and safeguard the health and safety of both students and staff, students are encouraged to use the University’s administrative e-services via the Student Portal (

Requests for registration letters, certificates of completion and transcripts can be submitted electronically to [email protected], indicating your student ID and a contact number.

Career Success Centre (CSC)2021-09-15T15:01:17+03:00

The Career Success Centre is operating normally. No face-to-face meetings and events that require physical presence will be conducted during this time.

In order to arrange an online personal meeting, please email [email protected].

All Fall 2021 Semester events will be held online, with relevant information announced on the UNIC website.


Students who are interested in applying for accommodation can contact the Accommodation Office at EU20 (Europa Building) on the main campus of the University, either by phone at +357 22841982/83/84, or by mail at [email protected].

The working hours of the Accommodation Office are as follows: Monday-Friday, between 08:00 and 18:00.

You can reserve a room at one of our UNIC Residences either online by following this link or via email contacting the Accommodation Officer directly at [email protected].

Orientations programmes2021-09-15T15:06:06+03:00

Orientations programmes are essential in successfully transitioning to your student life at UNIC. All new students are encouraged to attend the orientation sessions, during which they have the opportunity to meet with UNIC staff and other students.

UNIC September is the fall orientation programme of the University of Nicosia, taking place between 8-24 September. It is designed to welcome the new students, with sessions available both online and on-campus. The orientation includes two parts: A) The online intensive English language courses (8-21 September) and B) the Orientation Activities (22-24 September).

Orientation Αctivities will familiarize students with the university environment, the services and resources available to them, as well as to exercise, socialize and make new friends. During the orientation, we encourage our new students to begin to feel connected to UNIC community, feel confident about choosing UNIC for their studies and get them excited about the start of the academic year!

To register and attend the orientation programmes either face-to-face or online please register via the following link

Student Clubs2021-09-15T15:11:35+03:00

Τhere are several student clubs you can get involved in, many of which organize a range of social, academic, cultural and sports activities.

There 4 categories of student clubs:

  • Cultural
  • Academic
  • Leisure
  • Sports (under the Sports Office)

This year’s student club registration week will take place between 11-15 October 2021.

You can join any Club anytime. You can register online by clicking the following link:

For more information:

Department of Student Affairs:
Tel.: 22 842 150
Email: [email protected]

Vaccination at UNIC Medical Centre (UMC)2021-09-15T15:12:37+03:00

If you are interested in starting or completing your COVID-19 vaccination at the UMC, please complete the form at the link below by Friday, September 17.

There will be further opportunities to complete your vaccination at the UMC over the course of the semester, but it is preferable, if you chose to do so, to complete your vaccination at the earliest opportunity.


Incoming, outgoing students, and students whose applications have been recently approved, are advised to contact the Erasmus Office for further information relating to their mobility by sending an email to [email protected]

Please feel free to visit the UNIC Erasmus Office website for more information:

Important information:

It is underlined that all students travelling to Cyprus must have all the required documentation to travel, in particular the Cyprus Pass Flight and the Special Permission Pass (in particular if arrivals or nationalities (even if studying in a category A Country) from countries in Category C). Procedures take about two weeks before travelling and, of importance, it is advised to regularly check the Republic of Cyprus travel portal for important updates that may affect travelling.

More information available here


The Library will reopen on the 27th of September, 2021. For regulations and hours please visit the library website.

Online services are available 24/7 and remote support is available Monday – Friday, 8:00-19:45.

A Student ID card and a Safepass is required to enter the Library building. First year students can use their Registration Form for Fall 2021 semester and ID card. This will, also, give the UNIC community access to the study area.

You can visit the Library and borrow books according to the operating regulations. For your convenience, you can inform the Circulation Desk about the items you would like to borrow before your visit:
Tel: +357 22842100
Email: [email protected]

Books can be returned either to the Circulation Desk during Library hours or 24/7 in the return box located at the Library entrance.

All library e-resources (eBooks, eJournals, databases, RefWorks) are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be found through the library website.

To gain access from home you need to either connect via OpenAthens or Proxy Server. More instructions can be found here

Library protocol can be found here.

Sports Office2021-09-23T13:42:05+03:00

All university championships under Cyprus University Sport Federation’s auspices are expected to begin middle of October following the health protocols of the Cyprus Sports Organization. All interested student who wish to join our teams need to pass the trials which are scheduled during the 1st and 2nd week of the semester.

For further details, please contact the Sports Office.

Student who wish noncompetitive sports can join the Sport Clubs through the UNIC portal where you will be able to find all relevant information following always the health protocols.

You can find information about our events through our Facebook Page and the Social Media of the University.

Academic Contacts

UNIC Academic Advisor [email protected] +357 22 367050
Academic Letters

  • Registration
  • Pre-registration
  • Completion of Studies
[email protected] +357 22841512 / +357 22 841553
Transcripts [email protected] +357 22841512 / +357 22 841553
Degree Enquiries [email protected] +357 22841512 / +357 22 841553
Examinations Information on final exams will be provided at a later stage
Student Affairs [email protected] +357 22 842 150
Career Success Centre [email protected] +357 22 842 150
Library [email protected] +357 22 842 100
Sports Office [email protected] +357 22 842 336

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