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Free Online Info Session – Connect with the Life and Health Sciences | Activity 6: Global Emerging Health Issues | The Nurses Role

The healthcare sector is constantly changing and so is the role of the nurse. Throughout history nurses are the only health care practitioners by the patient’s bedside 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Nurses are responsible for patients in hospital, at home and in the community, ready to identify and diagnose all patients’ problems, plan, intervene and evaluate their care. This gives stability to the care of the patients but also recognizes the necessity of highly educated and skilled nursing practitioners. Global health issues (GHIs), such as emerging infectious diseases, human trafficking, maternal and newborn health, inequalities in health and social justice require the collaboration and interprofessional cooperation among all health workers globally, involving governments and other health sectors to plan and manage these emerging health needs globally.

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Savoula Ghobrial
English Nursing Programme Leader

The online seminar is free and open to all, but it is aimed primarily at gymnasium and high school students, university students as well as industry professionals.

The series of workshops “Connect with the Life and Health Sciences” («Αγγίζω την Υγεία») is an established event that has become an institution in Cyprus and Greece, aiming to encourage young people to get to know the Life and Health Sciences and especially the practical side of each one, through laboratory exercises and interactive experiments. The series is now available online.

In all activities of the seminars “Connect with the Life and Health Sciences” («Αγγίζω την Υγεία»), the President of the Department of Life and Health Sciences, Dr. Kyriakos Felekkis will give a short welcome note.

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