Commencement of Spring 2022 Semester

Not applicable for Distance Learning Students

Dear student,

We hope that you are well and keeping safe during these challenging times. We would like to reassure you that the University of Nicosia is making every effort to provide you with a safe and high-quality teaching and learning environment. As always, your health and wellbeing remain our highest priority.

In anticipation of the Spring 2022 semester, starting on Monday 31 of January 2022, please note the following important information as to ensure a safe return to the University premises.

Delivery of Courses with Physical Presence

The Spring 2022 Semester will commence on 31 January 2022 with face-to-face, on-campus courses and with the display of a SafePass and an ID card, in accordance with all health and safety protocols of the state.

Prior to the commencement of classes, please confirm your final course timetable and respective classrooms via the Student Portal ( under the category “Courses”.

SafePass Checks/ Access to the University

  • Appointed guards and/or other administrative members of staff will be electronically checking both SafePasses and the IDs of anyone entering the University premises by using the official Govermental CovScan application.
  • Wearing masks compliant with FFP2 or KN95 or N95 standard are mandatory in all UNIC indoor areas for all students, faculty, and visitors

In the Class – General Points

  • Access to classrooms is permitted only to students and faculty holding a SafePass and wearing an FFP2 or KN95 or N95 face mask.
  • Wearing masks indoors (corridors, labs, classrooms, meeting rooms, faculty offices etc.) is mandatory at all times.

 Vulnerable groups – Unable to Attend Classes Face-to-Face

 Livestreaming and/or asynchronous self-study digital material will be available for students who belong to vulnerable groups or cannot return to Cyprus, as well as for students who, for any serious reason, cannot attend classes with physical presence (face-to-face).

Students in the above-mentioned categories will have to submit a request for approval to the office of the Director of Academic Advising ([email protected]) along with all necessary documentation.

Application form is available here

Confirmed Cases and Close Contacts

Students who are confirmed COVID-19 cases are obliged to immediately inform the University through the online form available on UNIC’s Portal (, including the relevant documentation and submit their contact details to the Tracing system of the Ministry of Health.