University of Nicosia Music Programme Announces On-site Auditions for Entry Into the Programme | 20242025 

The University of Nicosia Music programme (BMus) is excited to announce on-site auditions for the academic year 2024-2025. 

The on-site auditions will be held on:

  • Monday 22 April 2024 at 15:00-16:00 
  • Tuesday 28 May 2024 at 9:30-11:00 
  • Wednesday, 19 June 2024 at 10:00-12:00 
  • Tuesday, 2 July 2024 at 10:00-12:00 
  • Thursday, 11 July 2024 at 10:00-12:00 

The auditions will take place at the UNIC Research and Technology Building. We welcome applicants from diverse musical backgrounds. Please make sure to fill out an application form at prior to the audition.

About the audition

The BMus audition on the applicant’s primary study instrument will consist of three pieces that exhibit contrasting style periods (as appropriate to the instrument), tempi, and expressive and technical demands. The entire audition programme should be no less than twenty minutes and should demonstrate the applicant’s ability to handle large musical works.

For more information regarding the Music Programme, the application procedure, and to book your place at the audition please contact:

Prof. Vasilis Kallis, Professor of Music Theory, Department of Music and Dance
Ε: [email protected] │ T: +357 22 842588

Ms. Claire Nicolaou, Music Student Assistant, Department of Music and Dance
E: [email protected] │Τ: +357 22 842584

Ms. Debbie Ftanou, Enrollment Counselor, Department of Admissions
Ε: [email protected] │ T: +357 22 841528