Alex Raychuk

Founder – Medentee Limited

MSc in Digital Currency, Class of 2021


I’m confident in a long-term benefit for everyone who will engage in this exciting, challenging, and rewarding academic journey with UNIC.

My first acquaintance with the University of Nicosia was in 2017 when blockchain had just started to emerge to the wider world. I had been working at MIS, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dental implants, and at that time, the digital revolution had made its first steps to disrupt healthcare. While exploring various dental solutions involving new technologies, I came across blockchain. One of the ICOs that attracted my attention had offered a cryptocurrency for dentistry – so with an electronics engineering and MBA educational background, I was eager to learn more. Participating in international blockchain conferences, online courses and exhibitions has further expanded my horizons.

I was fascinated by the discovered realm of blockchain with the limitless opportunities it creates. For deep-diving into it, a solid systematic academic basis was needed. The MSc in Digital Currency by the University of Nicosia was the first academic degree in the world about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The option to pay tuition fees with Bitcoin was very innovative for an academic institution. The free MOOC “Introduction to Digital Currencies” was a great opportunity to get a good basic knowledge of the subject, as well as learn from Antonis Polimitis and Andreas Antonopoulos. Then I took part in the “Executive Summer Blockchain Program” in Limassol, Cyprus, which was co-organized by the “Institute For the Future” (IFF) of the University of Nicosia and by the “UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies” (UCL CBT). I got to meet the key staff of IFF, including its director Prof. George Giaglis and Dr Theodosis Mourouzis, and I was impressed by their professionalism.

I then left my corporate career and founded Medentee at the beginning of 2020 to address the challenge of fragmentation in communication channels in healthcare. The startup is developing a global platform for medical and dental professionals, organizations and patients for efficient communication and cooperation. There are plans to integrate blockchain and fintech solutions into it.

I started the MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency in the same year. I can definitely say that the level of instruction and quality of the courses have proved that it was the right choice for me. The traditional financial system is taught alongside new blockchain-based approaches and leads to a much deeper understanding of the subject. The MSc program is very interactive and stimulates group work and the exchange of knowledge. Great networking opportunities with like-minded people are present along the way.

My studies were an excellent opportunity to gain profound knowledge in the domain, and I am now among the graduates awarded “summa cum laude” (distinction).

I’m confident in a long-term benefit for everyone who will engage in this exciting, challenging, and rewarding academic journey with UNIC.

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