Meet our Alumni | John Greene – Class of 2020

I was attracted to the MSc Blockchain and Digital Currency program at the University of Nicosia after completing their excellent MOOC program. Lecturers such as Antonis Polemitis and Andreas Antonopoulos made it an easy choice to commit to studying digital currencies in more detail.

My background is in cloud infrastructure and cloud security. I had also worked in the betting industry so digital currencies was not a natural progression for me, incorporating some aspects of my previous jobs. UNIC’s MSc was really enjoyable, with the focus on meeting and discussing aspects of the technology with other students from diverse backgrounds, academically and geographically! My favorite lecturer was Irénée Dondjio who drove the most engaging debates.

I always thought it would be a challenge to juggle a full-time job while studying, but UNIC’s MSc program was flexible to fit into my busy schedule. For example, you can choose a time that suits you to sit the exam. For one of our group projects, we researched Cardano. This sparked a fuse for me to follow Cardano’s progress since 2018. I eventually published a book called ‘Cardano for the Masses‘ in 2022.

I also really enjoyed attending the Decentralized Conference in Athens, Greece, to put faces to names I met during online classes.

As the digital assets space evolves so fast, I regularly watch the new iterations of UNIC’s MOOC videos on YouTube to stay up to date.

If you are on the fence, I highly recommend UNIC’s MSc Blockchain and Digital Currency program. It was the most enjoyable and interesting time of my academic life. I plan to attend the upcoming Decentralized Conference and catch up with fellow alumni and lecturers.

John Greene
Principal Product Manager, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
MSc in Blockchain & Digital Currency – UNIC, Class of 2020

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