University of Nicosia Dance Alumni Successes at the Pancyprian Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition

The weekend of 2 -3 April  was filled with dance and presentations of young talent. In their first post-Covid Pancyprian competition for ballet and contemporary dance, the organisers Cyprus Dance Association welcomed over 90 children who showcased their talent and hard work. The competition is split into two age categories (11 to 15 years old) and (15-19 years old). Additionally, participants can compete with a ballet variation and/or contemporary dance and awards are given to participants in both dance styles and in both age categories. The competition showcased an impressive display of talent and hard work of young dancers and their teachers.

The competition provides an opportunity for young dancers to perform and earn awards, which include dance seminars and workshops in Greece and Spain for the older teens. A number of University of Nicosia Dance Programme alumni presented students from their schools in ballet and choreography categories. Additionally, UNIC dance alumni had created contemporary dances for students from various schools with great successes. Andria Michaelidou (class of 2017) created a contemporary choreography for a Danceworks Dance Studio from Nicosia, which made it into the final. Elena Nikolaou’s (class of 2012) student from her private Dance Studio “Freedom” won 4th place in the senior ballet category for men. Roza Maria Pantzi (class of 2013), who runs a dance studio Ballet School “Fouette” in Larnaka and Paralamni with Nandia Pantzi and Lina Pantzi, had impressive successes with students. Their student Maria Papettidi won the second place in the junior ballet division and first place in the junior contemporary category as well as the highest overall score of all participants. They are also proud to announce that their student won the fourth in classical division and second place in contemporary division in the junior section.

We are extremely proud of the wonderful pedagogical and choreographic work that the University of Nicosia Dance alumni are doing with wonderful successes and recognition. Congratulations to all!