PURE Research & Information System

About PURE

PURE is the University of Nicosia’s Current Research Information System (CRIS). Information held in PURE relates to full-time academic staff and their publications and scholarly activities information. PURE allows for relationships and associations to be created between research inputs and outputs, providing a broad picture of research activity at the individual, department, school, and university levels.

In addition to supporting many of the University’s current research management and reporting needs, data from Pure is used to populate the University of Nicosia Research Portal, which provides a public view of the University’s research activity.

University of Nicosia Research Portal

The University of Nicosia Research Portal will draw information directly from PURE removing the need to enter the same information into more than one place. As well as showing research outputs, the Research Portal gives you with a new research profile page, linking together all your outputs and activities along with other researchers in your area.

Accessing Pure

All full-time academic staff are granted access to Pure upon joining the University. To access Pure visit https://pure.unic.ac.cy/admin/login.xhtml.

Your username is the first part of your unic.ac.cy email (e.g. constantinou.c). To obtain a password please contact [email protected]

User Guide, Online Tutorial and Training Sessions

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