Staff Mobility for Training

Staff Mobility

All full time faculty and administrative staff have the opportunity to travel to more than 300 European and non-European Partner Institutions, in order to teach or receive training abroad. The minimum period of mobility is 2 days and the maximum up to 2 months depending on the available budget of the running academic year. All staff can apply for European Mobility or International Mobility during an open Call for Applications are opened at the beginning of each academic year. The relevant information for each call is distributed via e-mail to all in order to be able to apply. Following the decision of the Erasmus Committee the approved participants receive a grant for their traveling and subsistence expenses, depending on the type and the duration of mobility.

Staff Training (STT)
STT supports the professional development of teaching and non-teaching staff in the form of training events abroad (excluding conferences), staff training weeks, seminars, workshops, courses, job shadowing and observation in a HEI (including non-partner Universities) or a relevant enterprise. The sending institution and the receiving institution/enterprise must have agreed on the programme of the activities to be undertaken by the visiting staff member, by completing a Mobility Agreement, prior to the start of the mobility period.Colleagues can use the platform IMOTION in case they would like to search for International Staff Weeks abroad, which are types of STT’s also covered by Erasmus funding.

European Mobility
Administrative staff or faculty who would like to apply for training mobility, could go to any university (including the Partner Institutions) or enterprise/office/company they would like, provided that they get accepted and that the host organizations is a legal entity. In the case of HEIs, universities must hold the Erasmus Charter of Higher Education (ECHE).


  • Minimum 2 days and maximum 2 months. The university can set a maximum period of the funded stay abroad, based on the available budget of the running year. Please click here to have access to the list of partner Universities within the Erasmus+ program countries

International Mobility
The UNIC Erasmus Office provides funding for teaching and training mobilities to the Partner Countries all over the world. Staff members interested in experiencing a non-European academic environment and culture should refer to the Erasmus Office in order to receive the Partner List of the current academic year.

  • Duration for International Mobility: minimum 5 days of mobility. More details about the days and places available can be provided by the Erasmus Office

Please contact the UNIC Erasmus Office for more information.