Call for applications–Spring 2024

UNIC Erasmus Office kindly invites all the full time students from all cycles and programmes of studies to apply for participation in the Erasmus+ Exchange Programme. The participants can study abroad during the Spring semester 2023 at one of the 200+ UNIC Partner Institutions, with full course recognition.

The mobility period can be minimum 2 months and maximum 12 months per cycle of study.

In one-cycle study programmes, such as Medicine, students can be mobile from 2 to 24 months.

Mobility for studies for PhD candidates, the mobility period can be from 5 to 30 days (short-term mobility) or from 2 to 12 months (long-term mobility) of physical mobility.

By attending the programme, UNIC students can gain a lot of experience and value in education without having to worry so much about the financial aspect, as those who participate in the programme do not pay university fees abroad, only the standard tuition at the University of Nicosia. Also, those who qualify to go on mobility will be awarded an Erasmus Grant to help them pay for their accommodation and daily expenses. A travel allowance is also provided to the students calculated on the distance between Nicosia and the host institution.


Students interested in studying in one of the partner Universities located in Europe should refer to the list of Universities with which UNIC has an established bilateral agreement, under the specific field of studies. Currently, UNIC cooperates with 25 different European countries and has over 280 bilateral agreements signed with different higher education institutions for academic exchanges.The list of European universities can be found here.You are advised to visit the website of the partner universities’, check the programmes they offer and then make up your mind accordingly. Before submitting your application form, you may also contact the partner university for further information regarding the available courses for the respective semester as well as the language of instruction. In addition, you are advised to only consider the university options that are available for your own programme of studies.


Students interested in experiencing a non-European academic environment and culture should consider the options that are available for their programme of studies.The list of International universities can be found here.

The Erasmus+ Grant that is provided for the international countries can be found here.

For clarifications about international mobility, applicants are advised to contact UNIC Erasmus Office.

Who can apply

In order to apply the prospective student must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Be a full time, registered student at the University of Nicosia
  • Have a CPA of at least 2.3 out of 4.
  • Have completed at least 24 ECTS.
  • Erasmus+ Mobility Support Form (EMSF)

Important Notes:

  1. The students choosing to go back to their home country will be given lower priority in the selection. They will be listed last during the selection process and will be considered eligible for funding only if there is available grant. However, if a student is selected he/she is allowed to receive the same amount as the other students, independently of their country of origin. Otherwise, a zero-grant mobility can be considered.
  2. Due to limited funds, some applicants may be offered a Zero Grant mobility or reduced Erasmus Grant. The Erasmus Grant will be discussed in detail with each participant after the selection of successful applicants.
  3. Distance learning students must do their study mobility in another country than their country of origin and the country of their home University (Cyprus).
  4. Priority will be given to students in their third /junior year. Students who have not yet completed 24 ECTS credits can nevertheless apply to go for mobility in their second year.
  5. It is highly recommended that the applicants have a good knowledge of the official language of instruction of the Host Institution.

Application Procedure and Deadlines

  • Note that you need to access our Google Drive Forms through a GMAIL account. Before you start completing the Online Application, please make sure to have a scanned copy of the following:
    1. Copy of ID card or Passport
    2. Proof of Language Proficiency (If no official certification in place (i.e. IGCSE, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.), you may request a confirmation from office B5 or contact: [email protected])
    3. 1 small photo
    4. Personal Statement-A typed text about your ambition to participate in the Erasmus+ Programme, including the following points:
      • Which are your personal and professional goals for your Study Abroad?
      • What kind of extra value would you get from your Study Abroad?
      • What kind of characteristics do you think are important for a student to have who is going on Erasmus+?
      • How would you promote Cyprus and the University of Nicosia during your exchange abroad?
    5. ERASMUS+ Mobility Support Form*
    6. Progress Report (You can ask for this at the office B5 or contact: [email protected])
    7. Certifications/Reports for Integration and Diversity participants (consult the information here)

* The signatures for the EMSF must be collected by the applicantThe list with the contact information can be found here.

Application Form

The above documents are mandatory in order for the Application to be accepted. Please submit them all in one ZIP file.

The list of European universities can be found here

The list with the International Universities can be found here

! Please ensure that you choose Higher Education Institutions, which offer your Programme of Studies.


The deadline for application submission is on Monday, June 19, 2023.

The Erasmus+ Selection Committee will evaluate the completed Application Forms and the students will be informed via email about the results after the application deadline.

For further information, please contact:

Eleni Alexandrou, Erasmus+ Officer
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone number: +357 22841563
Office: B8, Main Building