Specific research is undertaken within the Institutes, Centers and Units of UNRF. These are organized according to academic discipline (e.g. sociology, economics, life and health sciences) and the focus its researchers have given them. Research centers, institutes and units are dedicated solely to UNRF and have built a strong portfolio of expertise through their researchers. They are organized around broad substantive research topics as well as sometimes housing laboratories and other research infrastructure. As such, they draw into their research programs researchers and students from a range of disciplines from affiliated academic institutions. UNRF has a number of such centres.

The research fellows of the UNRF pursue a wide range of research topics within a range of disciplines. Currently, UNRF is in the process of building up its specialisation but has already begun concentrating on some fields of research on which particular emphasis will be put on and has begun concentrating its activities in arranging conferences and acquiring outside funding for additional research projects. As per its remit the institution is building on multidisciplinary research and is constantly working on expanding its research base.

The current vision of the University is to establish all future research centres under the UNRF. To date, the following Centres have been established under UNRF: