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Spring 2021

Start your studies at the University of Nicosia campus this Spring

Start date: 1 February 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mode of Delivery of Courses2021-02-16T11:51:38+02:00

Programmes of study and courses during Spring 2021 semester, will be offered using one of the following modes of delivery and in accordance with current government restrictions and guidelines:

  1. Online
  2. Face-to-Face with Physical Presence
  3. Hybrid (partly Online and partly Face-to-Face with Physical Presence).

The mode of delivery of each course will be available through the online course schedule on the UNIC website and on the UNIC Portal soon.

Physical Presence at the University Premises2021-02-16T12:33:37+02:00

Some programmes of study, especially those including laboratory courses, cannot be offered completely online. If you are registered in a course that will be offered in a Face-to-Face or Hybrid mode (Face-to-Face and Online Delivery) then your physical presence at the University is required.

The mode of delivery of each course will be available through the online course schedule on the UNIC website and on the UNIC Portal soon.

Certificate of Traveling for Study Purposes2021-02-16T11:57:26+02:00

Students registered in courses that will be offered face-to-face or hybrid (F1/F2/H1/H2), during the spring semester 2021 (e.g. lab courses)  can apply for a certificate of movement for study purposes by sending an e-mail to the Department of Academic Affairs [email protected], stating their student number and the courses for which they need the relevant certificate.

Vulnerable groups – Unable to Attend Classes Face-to-Face2021-02-16T11:58:52+02:00

Students on some programmes of study, especially those including laboratory courses, may have to register for courses requiring physical presence on campus.

If you belong to a designated vulnerable group or for any serious reason are unable to physically attend, you will be able to study online by taking online courses or selected face-to-face courses that will provide livestreaming or other online support. For access through livestreaming or other online support, an application form should be completed and submitted for approval to the Office of the Director of Academic Advising.

Traveling to Cyprus2021-02-16T12:00:18+02:00

Students on some programmes of study will be able to study fully online without on-campus presence required. In such cases, returning or staying in Cyprus during Spring 2021 Semester is a personal decision and not required by the University. The final decision however is for the student to take.

In-Course / Continuous Assessment (Midterms, Projects, Tests)2021-02-16T12:01:27+02:00

Depending on the mode of delivery of each course, In-course/continuous assessment can be conducted utilizing alternative modes of assessment.

Admission to Programmes of Study2021-02-16T12:02:41+02:00

The University is currently accepting applications for admission for all programmes of study as listed at the following link:–programmes/

Tuition Fees and Scholarships for Spring Semester 20212021-02-16T12:04:43+02:00

Fees and available scholarships for the Spring Semester 2021 can be found at the following links:



Contacting an Admissions Counsellor2021-02-16T12:05:56+02:00

Admissions Counsellors can be reached by phone, email, or Skype.

To reach Admissions Counsellors by phone and to  book a Skype appointment you can call +357 22841528 or email [email protected]


Attendance is mandatory. Throughout the provision of classes via distance learning mode, your instructors will be taking attendance online. University Regulations continue to apply as posted on the UNIC Portal (

Registration Letters, Certificates of Completion and Transcripts2021-02-16T12:08:41+02:00

All registration letters, certificates of completion and transcripts will be issued and sent electronically by the Department of Academic Affairs. Any requests for these documents should be submitted to [email protected], indicating your student ID and a contact number.


Incoming, outgoing students, and students whose applications have been recently approved, are advised to contact the Erasmus Office for further information relating to their mobilities at [email protected]

Important information:

It is underlined that all students travelling to Cyprus must have all the required documentation to travel, in particular the Cyprus Pass Flight and the Special Permission Pass (in particular if arrivals or nationalities (even if studying in a category A Country) from countries in Category C). Procedures take about two weeks before travelling and, of importance, it is advised to regularly check the Republic of Cyprus travel portal for important updates that may affect travelling.

Library E-Resources2021-02-16T12:11:44+02:00

All library e-resources (eBooks, eJournals, databases, RefWorks) are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be found through the library website

To gain access from home you need to either connect via OpenAthens or Proxy Server. More instructions can be found at

Borrowing and Returning Books2021-02-16T12:13:07+02:00

As the Library is currently closed, the book borrowing can only take place by telephone or email request and scheduling of an appointment to pick-up the needed material from the Circulation Desk (+357 22842100, [email protected]).

All outstanding book loans will automatically be renewed and no fines will be incurred.

Career Success Centre (CSC)2021-02-16T12:14:10+02:00

The Career Success Centre is operating normally. No face-to-face meetings and events requiring physical presence will be conducted during the Spring 2021 semester.

If you would like to have an online personal meeting with us, please contact us at [email protected] to let us know and we will get in touch with you to arrange a meeting.

Our semester events will all be online and respective information will be announced on UNIC´s website.


Due to COVID-19 the accommodation office currently works remotely, students can still reach the accommodation office for assistance by phone at +357 22841982/3/4 or via email at [email protected]

The working hours of the Accommodation Office have as follows: Monday – Friday from 08:00am – 18:00pm EET.

To reserve a room at the UNIC Residences you can either do it online following this link or via email contacting the accommodation officer at [email protected].

Sports Office2021-02-16T12:17:16+02:00

All university championships under Cyprus University Sport Federation`s auspices have been suspended until further notice.

The Sports Office is organizing online sessions, tournaments and sports related lectures during the pandemic period.

You can find information about our events through our Facebook Page (UNIC Sports Office) and the Social Media of the University.

Student Experience2021-02-16T12:30:11+02:00

Student life is an integral part of university education, offering students unique prospects for personal growth, as well as development of leadership and communication skills. Moreover, there are endless opportunities for cooperation, teamwork, social interaction, and intercultural understanding. To this end, the Department of Student Affairs is committed to enrich your university experience and promote a full and active student life.

For more information:


Tel.: 22 842 150/3/6

Email: [email protected]

Οrientation Programmes2021-02-16T12:30:07+02:00

Orientations are essential in successfully transitioning to your student life at UNIC. All new students are encouraged to attend orientation sessions, during which they have the chance to meet with UNIC staff and other students. Orientations are the best option to become acclimated with the university, learn about campus resources, and receive useful information about UNIC services and departments. You will hear all about how we support our students and facilitate their success, both in and out of the classroom.

UNIC has continuously been following the COVID19 health and safety protocols with a focus on safeguarding the well-being of our students, staff faculty and community. Therefore, all orientation sessions for new students admitted for the Spring 2021 Semester will be in an online format.

To register:

28/01/2021 (In English)

Link: (Password: 1234)

Student Clubs, Events and Activities2021-02-16T12:27:55+02:00

The Department of Student Affairs can help you meet people, make friends and enjoy your time at UNIC through numerous events organized throughout the year. You can keep track of all happenings on and off campus through our online university events calendar. These include concerts, exhibitions, screenings, lectures, exciting talks by guest speakers, and many more. A number of these events are open to the general public, and many are also planned and managed by students.

Whatever your hobby or interests, there are several student clubs you can get involved in, many of which organize a range of social activities, parties, day trips, nights-out and other gatherings. The multicultural environment at UNIC supports cultural clubs that bring students of different backgrounds together to share their culture, traditions, history, music and food−bridging borders and transcending differences within a community setting.

There 4 categories of student clubs:

  • Cultural
  • Academic
  • Leisure
  • Sports

You can join any Club anytime. You can register online by clicking the following link:

For more information:


Tel.: 22 842 150/3/6

Email: [email protected]

Academic Contacts

UNIC Academic Advisor [email protected] +357 22 841 524
Academic Letters
– Registration
– Pre-registration
– Completion of Studies
[email protected] +357 22841512 / +357 22 841553
Transcripts [email protected] +357 22841512 / +357 22 841553
Degree Enquiries [email protected] +357 22841512 / +357 22 841553
Examinations Information on final exams will be provided at a later stage
Student Affairs [email protected] +357 22 842 153
Career Success Centre [email protected] +357 22 842 150
Library [email protected] +357 22 842 100

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