European Documentation Centre (EDC)

The European Documentation Centre (EDC) is a body designated by the European Commission to promote and disseminate official publications and other sources of information provided by the European Union. Its mandate is to inform, advice and direct students, academics and the public on how to obtain this information. This is achieved though:

  • EDC website, which includes key information and links on EU resources, policies, legislation, statistics, databases, publications, job-hunting , etc;
  • Online catalogue of official EU publications held in the library;
  • Interlibrary Loans (ILL) with the European Commission Central Library;
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Scoop.It.;
  • Presentations; and
  • Distribution of free European educational and informative material (maps, brochures, books, etc.).

The Centre, also, organises and participates in various social events to promote relevant EU material and services and provides educational activities for all ages.

Contact Details:

Georgia Christodoulou
European Documentation Centre (EDC) Manager
Tel: +357 22842104
Email:  [email protected]