Mediterranean Institute of Hydrocarbons Technology (MIHT)

The Mediterranean Institute of Hydrocarbons Technology, is a non-profit organization (in the form of non-profit, limited liability company) based in Cyprus and with activities in both European region and the wider Middle-East region.
The MIHT is a scientific and research institute which has set a goal to create a platform for communication and exchange of knowledge both scientists/researchers, education institutions, production companies and companies implementing technology relevant to the identification, drilling management and exploitation of hydrocarbons and their by-products.
The Institute’s activity covers all areas of the Industry, Shipbuilding and Marine, Mining and Hydrocarbon Processing, Infrastructure, Energy Projects and the Project for Hydrocarbons Facility, Communications and Energy Conservation.
For the better coordination and carry out the activities of the Institute, has organized into four main areas:
  1. The Educational Center (established the Academy of Hydrocarbons).
  2. Center for the Security of Hydrocarbons.
  3. Council of Certification.
  4. The Center for Studies and Research.
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