About the Law Clinic

The Law Clinic aims to be the main vehicle for clinical legal education at the University of Nicosia’s Department of Law.

In fulfilling this role, the Law Clinic provides its members, who are chosen from among the students of the Department of Law, the opportunity to acquire the competencies and skills essential to the legal profession. This is achieved through their supervised participation in the processes of real cases.

Another goal of the Law Clinic is to provide a forum through which its members can contribute to the social needs of Cypriot society. In this respect, the Law Clinic is founded on the belief that every person should be able to obtain and/or enjoy access to legal assistance and on the shared determination to work towards the fulfilment of this aim.

The educational focus of the Law Clinic is on developing an improved knowledge of law and legal practice and on developing students’ critical, analytical, as well as any other related qualities; thereby offering students of the Department of Law transferable legal and personal skills.
Law Clinic Info Brochure