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Department of Economics and Finance2019-01-25T16:09:59+03:00

Department of Economics and Finance

Department of Economics and Finance

Cyprus is a thriving global business hub, whose strong investment opportunities, modern and robust tax and legal systems, advanced local infrastructure, strategic location, and an economy that is growing faster than the EU average, make the island an ideal choice for investors worldwide. Key to the competitive advantages that Cyprus offers is its top-quality human talent, comprised of highly educated and skilled individuals, adept in the intricacies of business. These factors make Cyprus an ideal destination to study Finance and Economics and is why we are committed to providing a premium education in these fields. Our department produces sought after business graduates who have the ability to implement the knowledge and skills they attain through our degrees in any business environment. Our programmes provide you with an intrinsic understanding of the economic and financial framework within which a business operates, as well as the ways in which domestic and international economic conditions affect business decision making. You will learn to put the above into practice, making you an appealing prospect for future employers.


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