Welcome from Professor Dimitris Drikakis

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Defence and Security Research Institute (DSRI) at the University of Nicosia.

DSRI’s mission is to undertake research and training activities on defence and security in collaboration with partners in government; industry; and other academic and research centres nationally and internationally.

The institute’s mission is also fully aligned to the European Union’s action plan to invest in the common development of technologies and equipment of strategic importance for defence capabilities and cyber security. The DSRI aims to work closely with Cyprus government, particularly with the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to contribute to the research and development challenges outlined below.

Multidisciplinary research and development

Defence challenges need cross-disciplinary solutions from scientists, analysts and engineers. DSRI encompasses a wide range of multidisciplinary research and training specialisms:

Research and technology across a range of defence applications pertinent to land, air, sea, and space capabilities.
Cybersecurity and cyber warfare.
Emerging and disruptive technologies with applications to defence and security.
Military and security forces training in the above areas.

Areas of priority include:

Advanced modelling and simulation methods
Physics-based models
Unmanned systems
Artificial intelligence
Augmented and virtual reality
Predictive and behavioural analytics.

DSRI will also undertake a continuing and thorough horizon scanning to predict technological shocks and spot opportunities.

Dual-use science and technology

In addition to the impact of new technologies on better equipped Armed Forces and Security Forces, defence science and technology have historically had dual-use of most of their developments, thus contributing to the economic activity of nations, to the workforce market and to the advancement of research and innovation. Therefore, the impact of DSRI’s work goes beyond conventional military technology enhancement.


As a research-led institute, DSRI’s training is intrinsically linked to the state-of-the-art methods and techniques pertinent to the defence and security sectors. The educational provision covers Master and professional training programs, including distance learning options.

DSRI has full access to the infrastructure offered by the University of Nicosia to facilitate research activities, meetings, and result dissemination, with its state-of-the-art laboratories, conference rooms, and a publications centre. The university’s physical infrastructure includes a large number of amphitheatres, classrooms, and laboratories. The university’s library includes more than 130,000 books and 800 print journals and provides very extensive access to e-books, e-databases, and e-journal resources.

The Institute draws capabilities and expertise from across the UNIC’s Schools and Departments, as well as from UNIC’s international strategic partnerships. The members of DSRI have extensive experience in preparing and executing research projects funded by the European Union, government, and the private sector.

Professor Dimitris Drikakis

Founder & President, Defence & Security Research Institute
Vice President, Global Partnerships
University of Nicosia