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Department of Theology

Department of Theology

UNIC offers a Master of Arts (MA) in Theology and a Doctoral programme in Theology. The programmes are open to graduates of a number of fields and sciences, and the Masters programme is offered both on-campus and online. The courses are taught by distinguished professors of our University, as well as from the Schools of Theology in Athens and Thessaloniki, and other associated universities. The department regards research as the basis of its programmes and is, thus, associated with various research centres and educational institutions, and is involved in research activities in Cyprus and abroad. Research interests include: Past and Modern Religionist trends, with special emphasis on Islam and Interreligious Dialogue; Patrological and Hagiological Studies; Biblical Studies, Ecclesiastical History in general, and the History of the Church of Cyprus, Greece, the Balkans, Russia, and the Patriarchates, in particular; Pastoral Theology and the Missionary work of the Church; Modern Sociology and Ethics; Ecclesiastical Law, including the relationship between Church and State; Worship and Byzantine Art.


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