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EDUCATion for Sustainable Development: Environmentally-friendly Technologies, Materials and Socio-Economic Activities


The project aims to improve and complete the academic professional training of students graduating from a large variety of specialisations: Environmental Engineering, Ecology, International Business Management, Production and development, Building and construction, Transportation, Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

More specifically, the project targets at supporting the bachelor students (1st cycle) in acquiring the core technical […]

Enhancing Visibility of the Academic Dialogue on EU-Turkey Cooperation


EU-Turkey relations are a highly topical field of analysis: a ‘moving target’ creating considerable challenges for research, teaching and policy dialogues. Several interlinked crises in Turkey and the EU create a high demand for an academic network linking universities and think tanks from the EU and the neighbourhood building knowledge on this relationship.VIADUCT, aiming at […]

Enhancing Quality Assurance Management and Benchmarking Strategies in Indian Unviersities


EQUAMBI is designed to address Quality Assurance management to properly support the governance and decision making required for institutional advancement and enhancement. Based on a comparative exploration of current activities and planned objectives, against international best practice, this Project will provide a ‘benchmarking toolkit’ and a programme of capacity building / dissemination will provide guidance […]

A PART OF EU: Exchange of Good Practices on Promoting the Social Integration of Young Immigrants through Participation


The EU Youth Strategy 2010-2018 has as one of its main objectives to encourage young people to actively participate in society.
To achieve this and the other objectives a dual approach is proposed, which includes:
• Specific youth initiatives, targeted at young people to encourage non-formal learning, participation, voluntary activities, youth work, mobility and information.
• ‘Mainstreaming’ cross-sector […]

Supporting Mathematics and Science Teachers in Addressing Diversity and Promoting Fundamental Values


Our integrative and highly innovative policy measure directly addresses priority 1. It supports maths and science teachers (hereafter called science teachers) to deliver inclusive education for all students, build active citizenship and foster intercultural learning. Our measure connects science education to promoting fundamental values and intercultural learning. Its core is a well-researched teaching approach, inquiry-based […]

Augmented Reality and New Media against Online Promotion of Unhealthy Foods


Children today are overweight and heading for early diabetes and increased risk of heart disease. The vast majority of children are overweight simply because they eat too much sugary and fatty food. Governments have invested into well-meaning projects, which aimed to change children’s eating habits or encourage them to take more exercise and restrictions […]

Disruptive Change Agents: The New Breed of Leaders in Europe


The recent economic crisis has surfaced problems related to Europe’s economic model. On one hand, the EU has lifted a non-negotiable banner through its Europe 2020 strategy calling for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, and on the other hand, there is a questionable economic model to base it on. Drastic action must be taken to […]

Sustainable Landscapes


The SUSTAIN contributes to the challenges cities and regions throughout Europe face by developing education innovation that surpasses school boundaries and a rigid curriculum. The SUSTAIN project builds on state-of-the-art learning good practices to empowers pupils and teachers to engage with real-life challenges, challenges that require them to think for themselves, step out of the […]

Supporting the Professionalisation of Health Engineering Studies and Related Areas in Asia


The aim of the SPHERA Erasmus + proposal is to facilitate interdisciplinary studies in health engineering and related areas with a focus on improving existing conditions and in-depth knowledge of how to use medical equipment, deliver effective modern sanitation and other public health interventions in urban and rural areas in low-income and transitional economies. The […]

European Network for Academic Integrity


Our project is focused on new or updated innovative methods under so called academic integrity. You can imagine a whole spectrum of preventive measures how to fight with plagiarism and other bad habits not only in academic world effectively. Most of the project partners are already in very close cooperation in the field of academic […]