Project Description

The project aims to improve and complete the academic professional training of students graduating from a large variety of specialisations: Environmental Engineering, Ecology, International Business Management, Production and development, Building and construction, Transportation, Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

More specifically, the project targets at supporting the bachelor students (1st cycle) in acquiring the core technical skills and the intellectual competences necessary to operate, with a high degree of autonomy and responsibility, in the current and future globalized labour market, a market which is facing the challenges of environment protection, depleted energetic resources and sustainable development. These skills and competences are required for properly managing the potential situations and contexts afferent to their future profession.

In order to reach the project’s goals, the main activities to be performed are:

– a series of 6 teaching and training modules (which include lectures and practical activities, debates, analyses and discussions)

– social and cultural activities (trips, visit to the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest).

– reporting upon the project.

– dissemination activities (posting info about the IP on the partners’ website, press articles in local/regional mass media, designing and distributing brochures about the IP, displaying posters, organizing short information seminars with available info about the IP addressed to students and community that cannot attended the courses).