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Human Resources

|Human Resources

Mr Marios Papalazarou

Vice President of HR

Ms Nina (Charalambous) Steliou

Enrollment Training Manager
Human Resources Department

2019-04-11T13:43:23+03:00Ιούλιος 2nd, 2018|Administrative Departments, Human Resources, Staff|

Ms Maria Odysseos

HR Officer
Human Resources Department

2019-07-04T20:07:08+03:00Ιούνιος 7th, 2018|Human Resources, Staff|

Ms Irene Koliandri

HR Officer
HR Department

2019-07-04T20:08:16+03:00Ιούνιος 7th, 2018|Administration, Human Resources, Staff|

Ms Dina Hassabi

Institutional Excellence Officer
Human Resources Department

2019-07-04T20:59:57+03:00Ιούνιος 7th, 2018|Administration, Human Resources|