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|Administrative Departments

Ms Ioanna Leontiou

Industry Liaison Officer Careers and Employability Office

2019-09-06T09:35:54+03:00Σεπτέμβριος 6th, 2019|Administrative Departments, Career and Employability Office|

Ms Eleni Limnatitou

Assistant Officer Accommodation Office Student Affairs

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  • Europa, Ground Floor, EU20
  • [/fusion_checklist
    2019-08-09T15:53:21+03:00Αύγουστος 9th, 2019|Administrative Departments, Staff|

    Ms Andri Charatsi

    Admissions Officer Admissions

    2019-07-04T21:06:34+03:00Ιούνιος 3rd, 2019|Admissions, Staff