Why Join IEEE?

IEEE memberships support technical innovation for humanity and the profession. Access to cutting-edge information, networking opportunities, career enhancement, and many other exclusive member benefits are the key values of IEEE membership.

• Access to cutting-edge knowledge
IEEE Spectrum Magazine – Monthly (12 issues, print and online)
IEEE Xplore – Table-of-content and abstract access to 3-million documents
Networking opportunities
IEEE membership offers several benefits that will help you keep connected and buy power of a global community of professionals with over 400,000 members in 160 countries.
Local Sections and Chapters – network with others in the local member community, and participate in local educational events
Technical Chapters – engage with others through informative technical meetings
Volunteering – Volunteer members involved with student activities in over 2,150 student branches have opportunities to build leadership skills and networking opportunities
myIEEE – members-only personalized gateway into IEEE membership
IEEE GOLD – A vibrant community of engineers, scientists, and technical experts of Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD)
IEEE membership builds a platform to introduce technology careers to students, to empower them to build and own their careers, and to enhance their resume.
Awards, scholarships, and fellowships – Up to $250,000 is awarded to IEEE Student Members per year to recognize the accomplishments of technologists and engineers worldwide! This is available for undergraduate and graduate students; it includes student paper contests and IEEE Student Branch Contests.
Student Competitions – A variety of local, regional, and global competitions offer students the opportunity to develop professionally and technically, get involved, have fun, and take the challenge
• Member Discounts
IEEE Member Discounts, in general, and student member discount, in particular, offer substantial cost savings on various products and services as a benefit of IEEE membership. Graduate Students reap the benefits such as discounts on many technical resources, reduced registration fees for conferences, plus student discounts on society memberships, and so on. In addition, there are several IEEE sponsored discounts.
Conference & Event Discounts   – Sponsoring more than 1,100 annual conferences and meetings worldwide, IEEE provides a unique member discount. While conference cost for non-members ranges $500–$1200, for IEEE Student Member it reduces hugely.