School Profile

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the School of Sciences and Engineering is that the education offered should be of the highest level so that our students are enabled to acquire the knowledge and skills and cultivate the abilities which will help them to succeed in their careers, enrich their lives, and successfully face the difficulties but also take advantage of the opportunities which they will meet.

Our Vision

The vision of the School of Sciences and Engineering in a summarized form is to:

  • Prepare good science graduates for postgraduate studies and to enter the workforce
  • Strive for excellence in teaching and learning and provide a dynamic learning environment
  • Promote research and education for research (especially in the MSc, PhD research degrees)
  • Collaborate effectively with the academic and industry communities nationally and internationally
  • Make available to society our science resources and human expertise

Our Departments and Programs

The School of Sciences and Engineering is one of Cyprus’ few resources of education in the fields of science and engineering. Organizationally, our School consists of three departments, namely: Computer Science, Engineering, and Life & Health Sciences.

The Department of Computer Science offers programs in Computer Science (BSc, MSc, PhD) and in Data Science (BSc, MSc).  The MSc in Data Science is offered through Distance Learning.  Furthermore, the MSc in Computer Science is also available through Distance Learning.

The Department of Engineering offers programs in the disciplines of Computer Engineering (BSc), Electrical Engineering (BSc, MSc, PhD), Civil & Environmental Engineering (BSc), Mechanical Engineering (BSc), Oil & Gas Engineering (BSc) and Oil, Gas and Energy Engineering (MSc, PhD).

The Department of Life and Health Sciences offers programs in the disciplines of Nursing (BSc, PhD), Human Biology (BSc), Sports Science (BSc), Nutrition & Dietetics (BSc, PhD), Pharmacy (BPharm), Physiotherapy (BSc, PhD), Exercise Science & Physical Education (MSc, PhD), Clinical Dietetics (MSc), Sports Nutrition/Dietetics & Nutrition Intervention (MSc), Contemporary Nursing (MSc), Mental Health Nursing (MSc), Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation (MSc), Biomedical Sciences (MSc), and Drug Regulatory Affairs (MSc offered through Distance Learning).

The School is also affiliated to the University of Nicosia Research Foundation (UNRF) which deals with scientific and technological research.

Our Success

Our success is evidenced through the acknowledged satisfaction of the companies and organizations which have employed our graduates. Also, the success story of students who obtained their foundation (Bachelor degree) from us and went on to pursue graduate studies (Masters and Doctoral degrees) overseas is another piece of proof concerning the quality of our programs.

Our People

A dynamic force for excellence within Cyprus’ private university educational system, our dedicated, full time faculty amount to 70 academics – 66 are teaching research faculty (PhD holders) and 4 are special teaching faculty. Additionally, we employ a number of part-time lecturers made up of professionals, recognized experts in their respective fields.

Our Resources

The university library collection of over 95,000 volumes, more than 1,000 print journals and 20,000 electronic journals, and numerous online resources supports basic research. The university’s sizeable investments in its specialized computer labs, Computer Science Lab, Engineering Computer Labs, Radio-Communications Lab, Electrical & Computer Engineering Lab, Electrical & Photovoltaics Lab, Civil Engineering lab, Oil & Gas engineering lab, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Lab, Mechanical Technology Lab, Automotive Technology Lab, Welding Lab, Chromatography lab, Biology Lab, Biochemistry and Preparation Lab, Cell Biology Lab, Chemistry Lab, Cold Room, Dark Room, Developmental Biology Lab, Food and Nutrition Science Analytical Lab, Genetics and Molecular Biology Research Lab, Human Performance Lab, Molecular Biology Research and Tissue Culture Lab, Nursing Skills Lab, Nutrition Assessment Lab, Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab, Pharmaceutical Technology Lab, Pharmacy Research Lab, Pharmacognosy Lab, Physiotherapy Lab 1, Physiotherapy Lab 2, Physiotherapy Lab 3, Simulation Pharmacy, Patient Simulation Suite, along with a networked learning environment and multi-media classrooms give state-of-the-art infrastructure and support to our students.

Our Students

The School of Sciences and Engineering has over 1850 students. The School’s student body is diverse and multicultural and reflects, to some extent, the demographics of Cyprus and the location of the island; 47% of the student body is female and 53% is male; 52% of the students are international, with strong European (Greek), Middle Eastern, and African representation, and 48% are Cypriot. This cross-cultural mix provides a rich base of views and practices to enhance and expand students’ perspectives for multinational scientific and technological environments.