Research Centres

Non-coding RNA Research Laboratory

Non-coding RNA Research Laboratory (ncr-RESLA) aims to investigate the role of non-coding RNAs in human physiology at both basic and applied levels. The laboratory is composed of faculty members and students who work together on non-coding RNAs. The main objective of the work performed in ncr-RESLA is to provide a better understanding of the biology of non-coding RNAs and utilise this knowledge for the improvement of human health.

Research Centre for Exercise and Nutrition (RECEN)

The Research Centre for Exercise and Nutrition (RECEN) is a multidisciplinary research centre consisting of scientists from different life and health disciplines. RECEN aims to conduct high-quality and innovative research focusing on the role of exercise and nutrition on health and the quality of life-related parameters in various population groups, including healthy people of all ages, as well as patients with chronic diseases.

Bioactive Molecules Research Centre (BioMoReC)

BioMoReC is a unique centre in Cyprus that uses modern processes to discover and develop bioactive molecules in order to enhance the drug development endeavors of the pharmaceutical industry and support the wider scientific academic community in Cyprus. The Centre facilitates and supports a continuum of research and development activities, from discovery and characterisation of bioactive molecules, to development, regulation and evidence based clinical application for humans as well as for veterinary purposes. It contributes to bridging the gap between basic drug research and clinical applications by using the existing research potential and know-how in pharmaceutical development and quality accreditation, promoting the level of pharmaceutical and medical research at a national level