Links with the Industry

Our School is driven by the principles of teaching, research, and societal contribution, which we believe are best served by an active engagement with industry leaders. In light of this, the School is establishing an Industry Advisory Board, where we intend to bring together professionals from the Life and Health Sciences sector, both from Cyprus and abroad, to share their insights, experience, and expertise.

The primary aim of this Board is to help shape the strategic direction of our School, ensuring we maintain our relevance and excellence in a rapidly evolving world. The board will have the unique opportunity to influence our curriculum, research focus, and societal contribution initiatives, potentially impacting the development of thousands of future scientists, researchers, and practitioners. At the same time though the open communication channels developed and through the annual summit we aim in improving service in our field for the benefit of the general public.

Advisory Board Members

External Advisory Board members

Yiannis Valvis Head of Strategy & IR,
Hellenic Healthcare Group
Costas Andreou Managing Director,
Irene Antoniou Owner,
Physio and Therapy
Nikolas Synos Owner,
Physio and Therapy
Kyriacos Matsis CEO,
C. B. B. Lifeline Biotech Limited
Wayne Georgiou Managing Director,
C.Georgiou Lab Supplies lLtd.
Zenonas Aristidou Manager and Head Coach,
Salveo Plus Gym
Andreas Savvides CEO,
Curis Healthcare Ltd.
Philippos Patsalis CEO,
Christakis Sergides R&D, Innovation & CRS Director,
Marina Polykarpou Director,
Constantinos Michaelides General Manager,
American Medical Center
Michalis Papadopoulos CEO,
Antreas Afantitis Managing Director,
NovaMechanics Ltd
Olga Brown Pharmaceutical Business Unit Manager,
MSJ Group of Companies (Pharmaceuticals)
George Zachariades CEO,
Ygia Polyclinic Private Hospital Ltd
Anastasios Kalogiannis Operations and Business Development Manager in Cyprus,
BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group
Constantinos Tzitzikostas Doctor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,
Melathron Agoniston EOKA
Giorgos Kaponides Medical and Scientific Director ,
Melathron Agoniston EOKA
Chara Papastephanou Managing Director,
CP FoodLab Ltd.
Angelos Sarpetsas Managing Director,
Vakis Frangos Joint Managing Director (Commercial Operations),
DELORBIS Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Marina Kozanidi HR Officer,
Elincou diagnostics
Anastasios Kalogiannis Operations and Business Development Director in Cyprus,
Philippos Patsalis CEO, CMO,
George Papagiannis General Director,
Apollon Football (PUBLIC) Ltd
Charis Charilaou President of the Board of Directors,
Association of Clinical Laboratory Directors Cyprus
Savvas Savva General Manager,
Melathron Agoniston EOKA
Agamemnon A Epenetos Founder,
Melathron Agoniston EOKA
Nuria Amigo CEO,
Biosfer TesLab
Agathi Makri CEO, APOLLONION Private Hospital

School Contact Points

Prof Kyriacos Felekkis Dean of School of Life and Health Sciences
Dr Christos Papaneophytou Associate Dean of School of Life and Health Sciences
Prof Eleni Andreou Head of Department of Life Sciences
Dr Christos Petrou Head of Department of Health Sciences
Dr Myrtani Pieri Biology
Dr Evelina Charidemou Nutrition/ Dietetics
Dr Christoforos Giannakis Sports Science
Dr Evangelos Latzourakis Nursing
Dr Ioannis Sarigiannis Pharmacy
Dr Manos Stefanakis Physiotherapy