School Profile

Our Mission

The mission of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) is to provide innovative and inspiring education that fosters a wide base of knowledge and develops intellectual capacities within an international environment. Through the exercise of analytical rigour in the diverse range of disciplines it encompasses, our community of faculty and students produces work aimed to resolve important social issues, supports the development of critical thinking as an instrument of understanding the world and the human experience, fosters creativity and academic achievement, evaluates languages and symbols, promotes ethical reasoning, and encourages service to society.

Our Students

In the various Departments of the SHSS we have more than fifteen hundred Cypriot and international students studying at Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD levels. They are taught in dedicated facilities, high quality studios and laboratories, with a range of professional grade equipment and cutting-edge technology. At the SHSS we believe that our face-to-face (on campus) and DL (online) students should be provided with the knowledge and the set of skills that may enable them to face the difficulties, but also the opportunities which they will meet after graduation. In particular, we aspire to train students to think critically, communicate effectively, and act ethically. These, we are convinced, are some of the fundamental abilities a student should master in preparation for any career and a lifetime of productive citizenship.

Our Faculty

Our students are taught by eighty internationally recruited faculty with excellent research output, teaching experience, and professional qualifications. You can see more information about their qualifications, research interests and publications here.

Our Departments

The six SHSS Departments offer more than 30 high quality academic programmes. Programmes and specialisations are interrelated, so that students have the opportunity to combine courses within the Department, from other Departments of the School, and even from other Schools, according to their interests and aptitudes, thus receiving a well-rounded education.