Department of Education

Members of the faculty of Education Department are engaged in research across the entire spectrum of Education Sciences. The research work includes areas such as: school improvement, inclusive and intercultural education, networking, qualitative and quantitative research methods, teacher professional development, drama/theatre education, teaching in teacher education,educational policy socioconstructivist learning through the arts and the role of the art, teaching methodology, development and evaluation of curriculum in schools, mentoring, quality of teaching, teaching of children with special needs learning innovations and design based research, mathematics education, philosophy in education and Greek literature.

Department of Music and Dance

Academic interests of the faculty members within the program of music include music curriculum, teacher education, the use of interdisciplinary approach in the subject of Music,  pitch organization in twentieth-century music, form and analysis, Scriabin, Debussy, popular music, French Baroque music, touching on themes such as the composer Sébastien de Brossard, French secular song, the history of music theory, critical editing, the social history of music, analysis and performances in the bebop idiom.

Academic interests of the faculty members within the program of dance include cultural analysis of popular and screen dance, dance education, dancer wellness programs, ballet technique and creative collaborations in the making of original choreographic works, contemporary dance technique.