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Department of Music and Dance

Since it was founded, our department has grown to an unparalleled position of leadership in the performing arts in Cyprus. Our eight full-time faculty members are complemented by more than 30 adjunct instructors, all of whom are among the leading musicians, dancers, and researchers in Cyprus. We realise that you will be entering a rapidly changing and unpredictable professional world that demands increasingly high standards of theoretical and practical training, artistic and professional adaptability, and above all, an entrepreneurial outlook. We have therefore designed our programmes to provide the emerging generation of artists, teachers, and scholars with a rich and diverse educational experience, founded upon the dynamic interaction of performance excellence and academic rigour. This includes numerous opportunities to perform with faculty members as musicians and dancers, with over 70 performances having taken place in the last 3 years.

Programmes of Study

Why Study Music and Dance at UNIC

  • World-renowned full-time faculty members complemented by adjunct instructors, who are among the leading musicians, dancers and researchers in Cyprus

  • Well-balanced innovative programmes in practice, theory and research

  • The first Bachelors in Dance in Cyprus

  • The only Bachelors in Music in Cyprus, with concentrationsm in classical or jazz music performance, music education,
    and creative music technology

  • The only Masters in Music in Cyprus focusing on performance and pedagogy

  • Collaborations with international artistic and education organisations

  • Numerous opportunities to perform in a variety of music concerts and dance productions

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Το Πανεπιστήμιο Λευκωσίας σας προσκαλεί στις διαδικτυακές του εκδηλώσεις που σκοπό έχουν να ενημερώσουν όλους τους ενδιαφερομένους για τα προπτυχιακά, μεταπτυχιακά και διδακτορικά προγράμματα σπουδών.

Join our Virtual Summer School, 28 June - 9 July 2021

Bodyprints 2021

13 June @ 20:00

The University of Nicosia Dance Programme cordially invites you to Bodyprints 2021, featuring choreographies by faculty members Julia Brendle, Pascal Caron, Alexander Michael, Dara Milovanovic, and students Maria Chrysostomou and Avgoustina Triarou.

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