Most of the faculty members in the Department of Engineering engage in pure and/or applied research, attend conferences, apply for research grants and publish research results in scholarly journals and/or conference proceedings. Below, we highlight the research interests of our faculty members:

Prof Anastasis Polycarpou Numerical methods in electromagnetics, electromagnetic theory, antenna analysis and design, the finite element method, the method of moments, high-frequency asymptotic techniques (UTD, PTD), telecommunication systems, RFID systems, liquid crystals at optical and microwave frequencies
Prof Dimitris Drikakis Fluid mechanics, acoustics, materials, computational science and nanotechnologies with applications to aerospace, defense, energy and biomedical sector.
Dr George Gregoriou Signal and image processing, texture analysis, statistical pattern recognition, computer vision, medical imaging (SPECT, MRI), image reconstruction from projections, RFID systems in healthcare applications
Dr Ioannis Kyriakides Adaptive waveform design, Bayesian target tracking, sequential Monte Carlo methods, radar waveform design, time-varying signal processing, compressive sensing
Dr Antonis Hadjiantonis Vertical integration and routing/signaling mechanisms in IP/WDM networks, physical layer constraints in optical networks, fault tolerant networks, wireless backhaul, access networks, FTTx solutions and architectures, sensor networks
Dr Marios Nestoros Design and fabrication of antennas for RF applications, photothermal physics, nondestructive characterization of materials, physics of semiconductors, interaction of laser radiation and matter, photothermal gas sensors
Dr Andreas Michaelides Distance temperature surveillance, automated targeting system, construction of an integrated inductive-capacitive component for absorbing harmonic modulation in the power grid, programming of integrated circuits: PICs, PLAs and PLCs
Dr Stelios Neophytou Digital design CAD tools development, very large scale integration (VLSI) design, verification and testing, design for testability, high quality digital circuit testing, self-testing architectures
Dr Elias Yfantis Evaluation of operational and environmental behaviour of diesel engines, development and application of diagnostic techniques for diesel engines, development of gas turbines simulation tools and virtual laboratories, simulation of complex thermodynamic, heat transfer and fluid dynamics phenomena, engineering algorithms supporting organizational change methodologies
Dr Constantinos Hadjistassou Flow in porous media, natural gas production, flow assurance, reservoir engineering, natural gas treatment (acid gas removal) and liquefaction, environmental footprint of the oil & gas sector, offshore installations, biological transport phenomena, decarbonization, climate change, marine debris, energy emissions
Dr Ernestos Sarris Petroleum geomechanics, petroleum related rock mechanics, hydraulic fracturing, sanding prediction and control, wellbore stability, multiphase flows with applications in CO2 geological storage, theoretical and mathematical theory of fluid flow in porous media, enhanced oil recovery EOR and indentation mechanics, poromechanics with applications to transport phenomena in porous media, fracture mechanics, plasticity theory, analytical methods utilizing the Muskhelishvilli-Kolossov complex potential theory, aquifer recharge in hydrology, finite elements, finite volumes, singular integral equations
Dr Panayiotis Polycarpou Computational methods in structural dynamics, structural impact problems and impact modelling, numerical methods in engineering, computer-aided structural engineering, modern programming methods in engineering, earthquake engineering, computational dynamics, finite element analysis, discrete element method
Dr Loizos Papaloizou Earthquake engineering, computer-aided engineering, energy efficiency of buildings and innovative technologies in Civil Engineering
Dr Marios Kyriakides Seismic Retrofit Techniques for Structural Systems, Reinforced Concrete Structures, Earthquake Engineering, Innovative Materials (HPFRCCs, ECC, FRP), Nonlinear FEA, Experimental Methods in Civil Engineering, Simplified Methods for Assessing Structural Performance, Structural Health Monitoring, Safety and Environmental Protection during Offshore Oil and Gas Operations
Dr Stefano Partouno Geology, sedimentology, stratigraphy, seismic interpretation and petroleum geology, palaeoenvironments, tectonics and oil exploration
Mr Andreas Serghiou Information & communication technology, high frequency antennas, engineering education