The Online Master in Business Administration (MBA) programme at the University of Nicosia assists students to develop the necessary skills and knowhow to lead in a rapidly-changing, global business environment.

The programme is designed for individuals determined to be skilled and knowledgeable leaders, who can influence others, offer strategic direction, and make good use of management, financial, marketing, human and technological resources.

For more detailed information about the programme you may visit the Programmes page or download the programme flyer here.

Programme Aims

  • To build a solid foundation of business education, enabling you to become effective managers anywhere in today’s competitive fast changing environment
  • To develop your management and leadership skills
  • To enhance intellectual development and student graduate maturity
  • To operate effectively in a multicultural environment
  • To adapt quickly to changing social, political, legal and economical conditions.

Programme Main Objectives

  • Equipping students with all necessary skills, attitudes and approach to guide their decisions as business executives
  • Developing students’ abilities to handle today’s problems and prospects for business organizations functioning in a competitive world
  • Allowing students to develop their theoretical and practical skills and knowledge in one of the specialized areas
  • Enhancing intellectual development and student graduate maturity
  • Assisting the students to analyse, examine, investigate and compose the new knowledge and competencies they will acquire
  • Ensuring the highest possible penetration of each subject inquiry and exhaustion of conceptual academic as well as practical implications.
  • Securing the necessary level of education for obtaining specialized knowledge and competencies and demonstrating mental independence
  • Offering an insight into professional possibilities and modern organizations functioning in the context of today’s competitive world
  • Providing participating students with the skills necessary to guide both their short and long term decisions.
  • Providing international management education to its participants that will enable them to become effective general managers anywhere in today’s globally competitive environment
  • Providing students with graduate level of business education focusing on both theories and research from a holistic business point of view
  • Providing students with the necessary skills, attitudes and approach to guide their decisions as business executives
  • Providing students the ability to handle today’s problems and prospect for business organizations functioning in a competitive world
  • Giving emphasis on European and International business perspectives

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate academic independence and synthesize your individual professional profile
  • Implement your acquired discipline knowledge in practice
  • Design and run effective organizations and assist them in achieving superior performance
  • Evaluate your organization’s competitive position and apply appropriate marketing and strategy decisions for further enhancement of its position
  • Apply a balance between scientific research and business reality
  • Manage the Human Resources of your organization and motivate people to achieve your organization’s vision