Welcome Message

On behalf of the MBA faculty, I welcome you to the UNIC MBA programme and invite you to explore how we can assist you achieve the success you deserve.

The UNIC MBA programme with an accelerated 18-month curriculum develops you into an exceptional business leader or entrepreneur with the capacity to create value for your organisation and community. All of us at the UNIC MBA support you maximise your true potential through:

  1. Commitment to excellence
    • The UNIC MBA offers the academic rigor you should expect from a top-tier programme.  Having established bilateral agreements with many selected universities in the EU and strong ties with the business communities of Cyprus and abroad, the UNIC MBA combines academic excellence and superb networking opportunities. Through dedicated Career Development Officers and an Industry Liaison Officer that help you formulate your own career path, the UNIC MBA provides both the instruments and the connections to enhance employment opportunities for our graduates.
  2. International Scope
    • With faculty and classmates from over 30 countries, UNIC MBA graduates do not only follow an excellent MBA programme in Cyprus, they also become part of a tightly-knit, global network of like-minded business professionals.
  3. Rich Learning Experience
    • Combining sound theoretical aspects with selected case studies, enterprise information systems, simulations, business games and close interaction with industry and the public sector, the UNIC MBA provides a learning experience that is exceptionally rich and worth pursuing.
  4. Simply, the most flexible MBA programme
    • We offer 5 concentrations with cutting edge elective courses; we have three intakes a year and provide the possibility for exchange student visits to over 20 countries. Providing flexibility, we are certain you can tailor the UNIC MBA programme to exactly match your priorities and goals.
  5. Great Return on Investment
    • The accelerated programme of a UNIC MBA means savings in terms of fees and time out of the job market. With an estimated 20% salary increase for MBA graduates in the international market, the UNIC MBA has significant ROI and minimum opportunity cost.
  6. Financing Options
    • The UNIC MBA yields dividends for a lifetime both at a professional and personal level. The MBA Financial Aid Office can assist you in planning for financing your studies whether in the form of savings, loans, scholarships or as a research assistant.
  7. Inspiring and Supporting Faculty
    • The UNIC MBA faculty have international work experience and research profiles. They are distinguished in terms of both their research outcomes and scholarly activities. Our faculty serves on company boards, University Evaluation Agencies, charity bodies, undertake business consulting in Cyprus and abroad or hold Chairs funded by corporations.  These activities enable our faculty to share with you a state-of-the-art teaching, research and applied business experience. More importantly, however, is that our faculty is committed to offer you inspiration for achieving your goals and to provide you with all the support you need in your daily learning and professional endeavours.
  8. Powerful Alumni
    • With nearly 800 alumni from over 30 countries, many of whom are established managers or successful entrepreneurs, our alumni network is –in principle- your initial international business network.
  9. Work Hard, Play Hard, Go Far
    • During your studies, you are not only given the opportunity to pursue active learning and career building. You may choose to work in projects with Erasmus and international students from Europe, USA, Asia and Africa. You may also opt to participate in local and international competitions, joint projects and business missions and travel to Mediterranean countries, EU member states, India and China: countries with which UNIC co-operates. With all these options, we know you will be ready to advance your existing career anywhere in the world.
  10. A life changing experience
    • Nearly all our alumni say so! We’ve been listening to them for almost 20 years, now!  So, we do know it must be true!

Prof. Angelika Kokkinaki
School of Business